Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Posted: February 19, 2013 in Movie review
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Not exactly your typical happily ever after as Hansel and Gretel never did find their way back home. Unfortunately for the poor audience duped into watching this flick, there was no happy ending either for them however this movie ended. The adventure and the real story why they were brought to the dark forest by their father make for a very flimsy plot.

Honestly after the initial fight scenes, the script leaves you wondering why the heck you even wanted to watch it in the first place. There was nothing new, the twist was predictable and an hour in the film you wished you can get your money back.   Nick Burkhardt of the Grimm family has more going for him than these two orphan Annie (yeah Hansel, you are one big Annie too as Gretel showed more heft than you). Had it not been for the special effects and some awesome clobbering scenes, I would have felt cheated out of my hard earned money.

Jeremy Renner was doing so well in the Ghost Protocol as a funny Impossible Mission Force agent William Brandt. But he seemed to have lost his marbles here as Hansel. There was no connection there with the audience whether Hansel gets weak without his insulin shots or when he got devirginized by the white witch, Mina. Same goes for the lovely Gemma Arterton who did a great job giving Bambi a run for his money with her woe-is-me eyes but failed miserably to save this film from withering away.

Since there seems to be a dearth of new plots in Hollywood, we as movielovers can only hope for a good story line next time around they plan to do a series of fairy tales themed movies especially with Jack  the Giant Slayer about to come out in theaters this March.



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