Discovering peace amidst the grays

Posted: March 10, 2013 in My World in 4D
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I had the privilege of walking through the streets of technohub and found myself liking the ambiance. There was something about the quiet amongst the grays and greens in the area. I felt transported back to the time when I fell inlove with UP Diliman the first time I walked in its magnificent halls.

It must have been the serenity and the pace of the work-life there. Maybe I had only a bird’s eye view. Maybe I do not know what is actually within the walls, behind the facade of the establishments yet the feeling was oddly familiar. Oddly comforting. There were no harried looking employees. There were no bumper to bumper traffic. There were no rude, insensitive drivers who’d run you over even when you were crossing on the pedestrian lane. There were no crowd of people congregating on the streets. There was no construction blocking off people on the streets.

The place was massive and lovely. Everything seemed to be just right. Nothing was amiss, nothing was in disarray. Nothing was intimidating despite the high walls and tall gates surrounding each buildings. I felt quite at home and it was great to know where I stand, what I need.

It was a great discovery and I hope to experience that wonderful feeling all over again. Mayhap soon?

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