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Turning a year older

Posted: April 21, 2013 in My World in 4D

Time indeed flies so fast and here I am again about to turn a year older. I have gone through a lot the past year. I started my masters degree, been interviewed for OM posts three times, gained more weight than I care to admit, lost wonderful US counterparts due to poor revenue of their product, visited Singapore again, taken part of a podcast and lived on my own the past months.

I find myself in the crossroads again. I guess it is because I worry too much or because I simply want more. I want to be able to bring my mom to any country she desires. I want to be able to have my unit fixed. I want to have a leaner, better, more active version of me. I want to get myself  new set of shoes and lingerie. I want to have my own handicraft or novelty store. I want to be in a relationship again. I want a dog. I want to drive my own car. I want to just chill at home without worrying about the future.

I guess this comes with age. I am just a year shy of turning 40 and I feel that there is something else I need to do. I do not know what yet. That is why I am so excited about our upcoming trip to Cambodia and Vietnam. It may just be the time off from work that I need to recharge and be more focused on what I want. Something is making me feel restless. I cannot seem to put my finger on it since basically I have the best client, the greatest schedule and approachable superiors. I do not have complaints about my bosses. So far they have given me the space I need to do what is best for the campaign and by this coming week, my SOM will start teaching me how to read numbers. By May, enrollment for the first semester will start and I may take up 3 subjects. I have followed my schedule to the letter, save for the coming vacation out of the country, my work out is as consistent as I wish it would be. So what gives right?

Turning a year older seemed to matter more and more lately. Maybe the answer is just right there, but I just do not or cannot figure it out yet. My horoscope readings (yes, I believe in them) often tell me that there will be opportunities both in my work and life. Maybe that is it, putting too much trust in a random reading by an app. Hahaha, silly right? Still on April 30, I’d be much closer to another decade and hopefully to an answer to whatever it is I am searching for.


Bayad Center's sucky fees

I was elated when finally the Bayad Center in Landmark began accepting payments for Pag-ibig. For the longest time I pay my bills thru SM Business Center but since I usually do my shopping in Landmark I thought this was very convenient. Now I know better, first to read the posts on the window, 2nd to just make that short trip to SM and 3rd that Bayad Center penalizes those who want convenience by adding a surcharge to your bills.

Honestly this should not be allowed as Pag-ibig already gets interest off my loan. Despite it being merely P7 for some, that is still P7 off my monthly budget. To add insult to injury, apart from these additional fees, the cashier was very, very slow. One transaction takes forever that when I lined up there was only me and the person ahead of me. When that person finished her transaction, there were already 5 people behind me. So much for “convenience.”

I am going back to SM Business Center where the lines are shorter, no surcharges and no unnecessary info being filled up on the actual billing statement.

I think there is something wrong when a girl whose life was saved by a fireman would not thank that person and just run off to an astronaut. It just gives off a bad vibe. True nothing beats an astronaut who can go to outer space to act as  mission specialists who fly or navigate the space shuttle (in other words, they are pilots). Other astronauts are payload specialists who work with the equipment that is launched into space, for instance conducting scientific experiments or replacing parts of satellites (

Thus I feel for the fireman who had to risk his life walking thru a fire ravaged building to save this ungrateful girl. People in uniform  like him do their duty regardless of the risks and should not place in a far second to an astronaut. In this commercial, for all we know that guy in the astronaut suit was just that, a guy in an astronaut suit. There’s got to be another way to advertise the AXE Apollo without showing someone as brutally unappreciative.

Yes it may just be a commercial but this one rubbed me the wrong way.