AXE commercial a thumbs down

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Services Review
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I think there is something wrong when a girl whose life was saved by a fireman would not thank that person and just run off to an astronaut. It just gives off a bad vibe. True nothing beats an astronaut who can go to outer space to act as  mission specialists who fly or navigate the space shuttle (in other words, they are pilots). Other astronauts are payload specialists who work with the equipment that is launched into space, for instance conducting scientific experiments or replacing parts of satellites (

Thus I feel for the fireman who had to risk his life walking thru a fire ravaged building to save this ungrateful girl. People in uniform  like him do their duty regardless of the risks and should not place in a far second to an astronaut. In this commercial, for all we know that guy in the astronaut suit was just that, a guy in an astronaut suit. There’s got to be another way to advertise the AXE Apollo without showing someone as brutally unappreciative.

Yes it may just be a commercial but this one rubbed me the wrong way.


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