Bayad Center’s sucky fees

Posted: April 8, 2013 in Services Review
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Bayad Center's sucky fees

I was elated when finally the Bayad Center in Landmark began accepting payments for Pag-ibig. For the longest time I pay my bills thru SM Business Center but since I usually do my shopping in Landmark I thought this was very convenient. Now I know better, first to read the posts on the window, 2nd to just make that short trip to SM and 3rd that Bayad Center penalizes those who want convenience by adding a surcharge to your bills.

Honestly this should not be allowed as Pag-ibig already gets interest off my loan. Despite it being merely P7 for some, that is still P7 off my monthly budget. To add insult to injury, apart from these additional fees, the cashier was very, very slow. One transaction takes forever that when I lined up there was only me and the person ahead of me. When that person finished her transaction, there were already 5 people behind me. So much for “convenience.”

I am going back to SM Business Center where the lines are shorter, no surcharges and no unnecessary info being filled up on the actual billing statement.


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