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This was my application letter to UP OU. It is always hard for me to write things about myself just because I am not too comfortable with my accomplishments or lack thereof. Still, maybe this could give ideas on the hows to those who would like to take themselves to the next level…


Unlike other kids my age who dreamt of becoming doctors, I wanted to be a librarian when I was younger. My dream consisted of just being surrounded by books and having a field day quietly perusing their pages.

A simple dream until I realized later on it was not exactly the books that fascinated me but the authors who allowed me to be part of their world with mere words. I never thought much of myself as a writer since my grammar was off and my writing style sketchy. It was my former high school teacher who encouraged me to pursue writing because she said I am a percipient writer. I heeded her advice, polished my writing, improved my grammar then took up BA Journalism in college.

I put all that I learned from college into good use. I became a feature writer for various women’s magazines, a business writer for a broadsheet newspaper and an editor of a newsletter for a government agency. I even had the chance to impart my knowledge to two batches of high school students. However, for the past six years, I have not been able to practice my craft. Ever since I joined the outsourcing industry my schedule has been anything but normal. I miss writing. I miss doing the lay outs. I feel rusty in my own field. The print medium has already paved way to the digital era and I know there are more publishing tools introduced since that I have yet to learn. I also know that there are other facets in communication that I have yet to explore and skills that I need to enhance so I can advance personally and professionally.

That is why when I chanced upon the curriculum for development communication in UP Open University, I knew it is high time to go back to school and earn my masters degree.

Currently I am a team leader for a technical account whose main responsibility is to meet the account metrics by coaching and mentoring team members to reach their full potentials in a highly volatile environment. In the long run I plan to apply for a higher position in a different department or company to secure a better future and on the side I want to operate a profitable business.

I understand that development communication involves critical understanding of people’s barriers and how they perceive changes whether in their immediate work environment or in the circle they move in. It also means teaching the masses to be more aware and make better decisions about the roles they play in society. This understanding can help me come up with an effective marketing strategy that can influence a person’s behavior and thinking.

This then can translate to a successful business marketing strategy as I acquire skills in coming up with various design concepts and programs to promote my business. Along with that by taking up development communication in UP Open University right now, I will be able to build a better relationship between me and my subordinates; between me and my superiors/clients as I apply the various communication theories, principles and methods in my daily tasks.


My TW and his friends

I finally found a laptop sleeves where my TW can fit into. TW got his cables ready to connect for the onslaught of mind numbing research and reports for school. Planner just about itching to map out how best to tackle the deadlines and pens to make sure things are in black and white. Of course, my gratitude journal for those days when I feel the world is against me. 🙂

williamToday marks the 22nd death anniversary of the first man I ever loved…

It seems just like yesterday daddy when you would take us to church every Sunday and afterwards when we get home, you’d line up the shoes to polish them. When you would bring Ralph to your basketball practices because you were the coach. When you would chase after mice and rats, unfortunately even while eating our meals, just to kill them. When you would bring me to my doctor who’d give me my weekly shot so I wont have an asthma attack. When you would criticize Jawo’s coaching when Ginebra lost and commend Jawo when Ginebra won a game. When you would often remind me that education was the best legacy you could ever leave us. When we would walk hand in hand from school to home after a PTA meeting. When you would tease mom ceaselessly when she got angry with you.

Sigh. I should have known something was up when you were so patient with me and mom when we went shoe shopping in Cubao. You always had a short fuse daddy especially when it came to shopping because you hate the fact that girls do not just grab whatever and go. But I thought it was because I was about to graduate and I was one of those who got the highest NCEE score. Also it was around the time that we were preparing for the golden wedding anniversary of Lolo and Lola.

When we got that call that fateful Thursday night. I did not cry at all daddy. I simply refused to believe you can just leave without letting us know. Besides you do not like us crying because you said you did not understand what we want to say as the words get muffled with our wailing. But the tears did come eventually daddy, still comes welling up when I remember you…

You were my hero, you would often be there when I needed saving. I remembered when stones were flying about because rival groups were having their usual rifts and I was trapped in our neighbor’s house. Without any qualms, you came out of our house running to get me safely home.

You were the neighbors go to guy. When there was some fist fights or rumble outside because our neighborhood was filled with ruffians, they often call on you to intervene because they trusted your judgement. There was even a time when Aling Edith’s son brandished a knife and threatened to hurt his siblings, yet you were brave enough to come in between and make sure Joemar would surrender peacefully to the police.

You were the stone faced comic. You liked to laugh, liked to make people laugh. You had a very infectious laughter. You always found something witty to say, often pilosopo, like the time when mom mistakenly asked you to throw the chamber pot instead of the pee and you went around and round the apartment trying to find a container to put the pee in. Hilarious moment daddy. Mom could just smile because she cannot get angry with you being so utterly amusing. Oh how can I ever forget? I was often the target of your fart joke when you would point at me each time you farted and accused me of being unladylike. “Anak, ganyan ba turo ng mga madre sa iyo?” (Child was that what the nuns taught you?). Yeah Mr. Fart-a-lot, who would have thought that Ralph would inherit that wonderful manners from you?

You were the strict disciplinarian. I was not spared the rod and belt when I was a child. I had my share of welts and sit in the corner moments to contemplate the error of my ways. There was one time I had to go to Fabee’s house to sew an apron for a school project and did not notice it got so late. You bit mom’s head off by allowing me to go even when it was for school. You reminded me how important it was to leave a message or a contact number so you guys wont have to worry.

You were the exemplary government employee who never sacrificed his integrity just to get promoted. You were passed up from one promotion after another yet you remained steadfast that hard work would pay off. Even when we had to tighten the budget you never wavered in your faith, never compromised.

You were the caregiver. You took care of the education of your siblings. You helped with the education of your nieces and nephews. You became the stand in father of your entire brood even when you had a family of your own to raise. You went on leave to stay with me in Infanta when I had the chicken pox. You were always there for mom. You took in two jobs just to make sure we eat regularly and not worry about the rainy days. You looked for greener pastures by applying as manager in Landbank because Ralph was about to start schooling and I about to graduate from high school. You never told us then about your heart condition. You did not want to dampen the mood because you felt this was finally the time that we would be your sole priority.

You were mom’s Halma, the yang to her yin, her eternal love, her devote bestfriend and number 1 fan.

Ahhhh, 22 years daddy, it has been two decades yet you remain sorely missed. Mom, Ralph and I love you so very, very much. ♥

us with dad

A lot of us, most especially me, adapted Garfield’s I-hate-Monday mantra. With good reasons too, most of the reports and meetings happen on a Monday and unlike Friday when things begin to wind down, Monday beckons tons of deadlines and other work related stress. When you are coming in from a pretty relaxed weekend, the stress that come with the beginning of the week is not a welcome thing.

So one of the few firsts that happened today, yes a Monday, was the courier knocking oh so loudly at an unholy hour of 7 in the morning. Mind you, graveyard shift (GY) employees thrive on sleeping normally on a weekend and Sunday going on a Monday meant getting up pretty late. Anyhow, since the LBC guy might leave, I dragged my half awake butt of the bed, opened the door and got the medicines my uncle sent me. Since my alarm was set at 8AM, again yes 8, I tried to get some more snooze but the light peeking through my curtains prevented me from falling asleep. I managed to get some plyo done with Tony until my rickety joints told me 15 minutes was all I can afford. That was a good start, I planned it at 8 and managed to do it at the exact time.

Then afterwards, off I went to Landmark to find some pair of jeans and slacks. I got money to spare so a couple of new wardrobe was definitely part of this month’s budget. The saleslady from Bado did not allow me to try out other brands’ pair of slacks as she piled more than a dozen pairs on my outstretched arms. She was very determined to make me buy her wares. Good thing was, after more than four trips to the fitting room and 20 pair of slacks fitted later, I got three new ones for a measly price of P597.50 a pair. I managed to get all three at a discount. A steal you might say but then the Lee jeans’ price was highway robbery at P1499. Sigh, if only the freaking jeans did not fit me right I wouldn’t have gotten them. Still, with four pairs of new pants and less than P3000 at that seemed mighty fortunate of me.


Today, granted that it is a Monday, was the first time that I managed to find four pairs of pants in less than an hour. Usually, I would not even find one that fits me well or at all.


Around a little past 12PM, I began my short commute to Nuat Thai where I had a 12noon appointment with a masseur. The place was sandwiched between two other establishments and was very inconspicuous. Chenmer (he said was a combination of his parents’ name) began by washing my feet before he showed me to the stall (mind you there are no actual rooms, just curtain partitions) where I had to strip down to my panties and wear a rather small black boxer shorts. Being a rather big girl it was quite a miracle that the shorts did manage to cover what needed to be covered. I had Swedish massage for an hour and a back massage for 30 minutes. Chenmer was very careful that he did not apply the hard in the “hard massage” but his moderate touch did manage to untangle the hard knots along my shoulder blades. Honestly I would have groaned in appreciation had it not been for the other guy being massaged beside my stall. He fell asleep and was snoring ever so loudly that it kept me from making a sound. I did leave a good tip for Chenmer but maybe next time I will gun for the whole hour of back massage.


Despite having only curtains to separate the clients from one another, there is still a lot of privacy to be had once inside.

Nuat Thai offers legit foot and back massages. No hanky panky here.

I have not had any decent meal since Sunday so my tummy was making a lot of racket by the time the masseur was halfway done. Around 2PM, the rain was at its heaviest and I managed to catch a ride out of West Avenue a couple of minutes after. My tummy had quieted down by that time. I thought since my hunger went away maybe I can try  out this newly opened place at the food court.


Wrong choice, the fish was tasteless despite the heavy sauce poured on a steaming bowl of rice. The fish tausi rice meal from Tasty Kitchen had more rice than fish and I had to leave the bowl with still about a cup and half of rice in it. But because I did not want this sob story to cap the day, I went on and got myself a 12oz. Mango Cheesecake from DQ just because I can.


Maybe you are thinking, heck this is just one Monday. Still having to beat the Monday blues at least once can do the spirit some good. Hopefully the rest of the days will be such exhilarating ones too and just right on time before our classes officially start on June 8.

Time to go back to school!

June 1st means it is only 7 more days before school starts. For some reason I am very excited to start my two classes this semester. There is no more trepidation because I have upper classmen who made sure that we will be more informed about 202 and 208. I still have my mini group so I know we will soon get our As and A+s. 🙂 I am so giddy with excitement.