Beating Monday Blues

Posted: June 3, 2013 in My World in 4D
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A lot of us, most especially me, adapted Garfield’s I-hate-Monday mantra. With good reasons too, most of the reports and meetings happen on a Monday and unlike Friday when things begin to wind down, Monday beckons tons of deadlines and other work related stress. When you are coming in from a pretty relaxed weekend, the stress that come with the beginning of the week is not a welcome thing.

So one of the few firsts that happened today, yes a Monday, was the courier knocking oh so loudly at an unholy hour of 7 in the morning. Mind you, graveyard shift (GY) employees thrive on sleeping normally on a weekend and Sunday going on a Monday meant getting up pretty late. Anyhow, since the LBC guy might leave, I dragged my half awake butt of the bed, opened the door and got the medicines my uncle sent me. Since my alarm was set at 8AM, again yes 8, I tried to get some more snooze but the light peeking through my curtains prevented me from falling asleep. I managed to get some plyo done with Tony until my rickety joints told me 15 minutes was all I can afford. That was a good start, I planned it at 8 and managed to do it at the exact time.

Then afterwards, off I went to Landmark to find some pair of jeans and slacks. I got money to spare so a couple of new wardrobe was definitely part of this month’s budget. The saleslady from Bado did not allow me to try out other brands’ pair of slacks as she piled more than a dozen pairs on my outstretched arms. She was very determined to make me buy her wares. Good thing was, after more than four trips to the fitting room and 20 pair of slacks fitted later, I got three new ones for a measly price of P597.50 a pair. I managed to get all three at a discount. A steal you might say but then the Lee jeans’ price was highway robbery at P1499. Sigh, if only the freaking jeans did not fit me right I wouldn’t have gotten them. Still, with four pairs of new pants and less than P3000 at that seemed mighty fortunate of me.


Today, granted that it is a Monday, was the first time that I managed to find four pairs of pants in less than an hour. Usually, I would not even find one that fits me well or at all.


Around a little past 12PM, I began my short commute to Nuat Thai where I had a 12noon appointment with a masseur. The place was sandwiched between two other establishments and was very inconspicuous. Chenmer (he said was a combination of his parents’ name) began by washing my feet before he showed me to the stall (mind you there are no actual rooms, just curtain partitions) where I had to strip down to my panties and wear a rather small black boxer shorts. Being a rather big girl it was quite a miracle that the shorts did manage to cover what needed to be covered. I had Swedish massage for an hour and a back massage for 30 minutes. Chenmer was very careful that he did not apply the hard in the “hard massage” but his moderate touch did manage to untangle the hard knots along my shoulder blades. Honestly I would have groaned in appreciation had it not been for the other guy being massaged beside my stall. He fell asleep and was snoring ever so loudly that it kept me from making a sound. I did leave a good tip for Chenmer but maybe next time I will gun for the whole hour of back massage.


Despite having only curtains to separate the clients from one another, there is still a lot of privacy to be had once inside.

Nuat Thai offers legit foot and back massages. No hanky panky here.

I have not had any decent meal since Sunday so my tummy was making a lot of racket by the time the masseur was halfway done. Around 2PM, the rain was at its heaviest and I managed to catch a ride out of West Avenue a couple of minutes after. My tummy had quieted down by that time. I thought since my hunger went away maybe I can try  out this newly opened place at the food court.


Wrong choice, the fish was tasteless despite the heavy sauce poured on a steaming bowl of rice. The fish tausi rice meal from Tasty Kitchen had more rice than fish and I had to leave the bowl with still about a cup and half of rice in it. But because I did not want this sob story to cap the day, I went on and got myself a 12oz. Mango Cheesecake from DQ just because I can.


Maybe you are thinking, heck this is just one Monday. Still having to beat the Monday blues at least once can do the spirit some good. Hopefully the rest of the days will be such exhilarating ones too and just right on time before our classes officially start on June 8.

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