This was my application letter to UP OU. It is always hard for me to write things about myself just because I am not too comfortable with my accomplishments or lack thereof. Still, maybe this could give ideas on the hows to those who would like to take themselves to the next level…


Unlike other kids my age who dreamt of becoming doctors, I wanted to be a librarian when I was younger. My dream consisted of just being surrounded by books and having a field day quietly perusing their pages.

A simple dream until I realized later on it was not exactly the books that fascinated me but the authors who allowed me to be part of their world with mere words. I never thought much of myself as a writer since my grammar was off and my writing style sketchy. It was my former high school teacher who encouraged me to pursue writing because she said I am a percipient writer. I heeded her advice, polished my writing, improved my grammar then took up BA Journalism in college.

I put all that I learned from college into good use. I became a feature writer for various women’s magazines, a business writer for a broadsheet newspaper and an editor of a newsletter for a government agency. I even had the chance to impart my knowledge to two batches of high school students. However, for the past six years, I have not been able to practice my craft. Ever since I joined the outsourcing industry my schedule has been anything but normal. I miss writing. I miss doing the lay outs. I feel rusty in my own field. The print medium has already paved way to the digital era and I know there are more publishing tools introduced since that I have yet to learn. I also know that there are other facets in communication that I have yet to explore and skills that I need to enhance so I can advance personally and professionally.

That is why when I chanced upon the curriculum for development communication in UP Open University, I knew it is high time to go back to school and earn my masters degree.

Currently I am a team leader for a technical account whose main responsibility is to meet the account metrics by coaching and mentoring team members to reach their full potentials in a highly volatile environment. In the long run I plan to apply for a higher position in a different department or company to secure a better future and on the side I want to operate a profitable business.

I understand that development communication involves critical understanding of people’s barriers and how they perceive changes whether in their immediate work environment or in the circle they move in. It also means teaching the masses to be more aware and make better decisions about the roles they play in society. This understanding can help me come up with an effective marketing strategy that can influence a person’s behavior and thinking.

This then can translate to a successful business marketing strategy as I acquire skills in coming up with various design concepts and programs to promote my business. Along with that by taking up development communication in UP Open University right now, I will be able to build a better relationship between me and my subordinates; between me and my superiors/clients as I apply the various communication theories, principles and methods in my daily tasks.


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