McDonald’s Crappy Customer Service

Posted: July 7, 2013 in Services Review
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Twice this week, McDonald’s seemed to have an issue with their service. The deluge of people going to them for the lovable minions and some happy meals can resort to not so happy customers just because for one thing they do not have enough supplies of the toys and second, they do not put signs when a product is not available. (Mind you I did not even go there for the sake of the minions, I just want to have my meal, hot and fast.)

Take one fateful noon rush at the fourth level of Trinoma, I lined up to buy my mom a McChicken sandwich meal. It took forever for the girl cashier to attend to the one in front of me, an unacceptable 10 minutes when they did not even order bulk items. When it was my turn, I gave out my order to learn that the McChicken was not available. The nuggets, also not available. The only products available were burgers and McChicken Spicy. So much for waiting patiently in line for nothing. My mom does not eat beef and since we might be late for the movie, I just got her a big bag of popcorn.

So well I thought that was just one time, until yesterday when I tried to get me some cheeseburger meal at McDonald’s, yes in Trinoma again but this time it was the one located on the ground floor. I was the first one there. I got the feeling the store was still closed for business, first of there was no cashier. Only counters without anyone manning them. When a girl finally looked up, she just told me that there was nothing available yet. This was at 10AM. No items were available. The manager was busy doing something else. I asked how come when they were supposed to have patties dropped in the fryer already; noodles weighed and placed in the spaghetti styro; chicken breaded and so forth. I was informed I had to wait for 10 minutes, WTF right? (Notice 10 minutes seemed to be part of their standard waiting time) A long line soon formed behind me and like me, felt cheated when they were told nothing was available. No minion toys, no sundaes, no Sprite…

There were no apologies made, no excuses given, no manager to assure customers. What is wrong with McDonald’s? Well, service and after service. Deliveries were no different. When you do not get your orders delivered on time, they do not offer anything. No penalty. No GCs. To think you pay P40 for delivery charges. I will stay away from McDonald’s for now.  I may be just one customer and my staying away will not even create a dent to their millions of earnings, still I hope to raise a point. I may love McDonald’s sundaes and fries but I wont pay or even support their products just so they can ruin the moment for me through lousy service.

A delayed cheeseburger meal


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