I know, I know I am supposed to do my P90X blah blah and all I do is give out excuses. Well since I cannot force myself to spare 30 minutes daily for exercise, I just tried to console myself with comfort food. Of course am freaking kidding, I cannot lose weight this way but I was about to sit down and finish my report without any sleep. I just had to get some food in my system first to fight off sleep and get my creative juices working.

I bought Pork Chao Fan to go with my left over paksiw and a Venti wet cappuccino. To cap the day, er, midday I got me a half roll of leche cake from Red Ribbon. I am proud to say that I finished my work and had a very, very happy tummy in the process sans sleep for more than 24 hours in front of the computer. If only I can push myself to do those  Airborne Heisman, Run-Stance Squat or Mary Katherine Lunge with the same passion …sigh.IMG_9439IMG_9442IMG_9447


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