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Mais na puti at guinataang bilo bilo

After having spent the entire Monday afternoon til the wee hours of Tuesday morning finalizing my reports for school, I woke up hungry and got myself some soul food just outside our community entrance. Nice way to wake up my sleepy bones.


Padre Pio

Posted: August 11, 2013 in Services Review

Padre Pio

I went to his chapel the first time and felt a certain kind of calm. I have been back twice after that and still feel the same peace in his presence. I know his actual remains are not in Libis but this does not deter me. There was something very orderly and peaceful in this small building that makes me feel very secure and comforted. I know I am a far cry from being a devotee but I am a believer. He helped my mom and has performed a lot of wonderful surprises for my brother.

This is my little tribute to him, for all the help he did for me and my family.

IMG_9500One of my agents wanted to eat tinapa and fried rice with salted egg on the side. So when I went to the grocery, I got myself a pack of smoked GG and green peas. I prepared the ingredients for the fried rice, carrot, green peas, left over pork adobo, butter, fried rice mix and cooked rice. I know I should have bought eggs because when if I had fried eggs too, it was almost the perfect brunch. But even without the eggs, the hot mug of coffee made the meal all the more wonderful.