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Musings on one Thursday afternoon

Posted: September 27, 2013 in Student's Life

I was seated inside the first car of the MRT when a frail looking woman carrying what looked to be a gaunt ten year old. The passengers near the door gave way to her and as she sat, she thanked everyone who cleared the area. She sat there quietly, her daughter comfortably enconched in her arms.

Someone offered her a seat and began to ask her what is wrong with her daughter. I failed to catch her answer, just that she said she had to be strong for them both. They were frequent passengers of the MRT, as her child needs to go to the doctor often. Apart from the doctor’s professional fees, she had to kepe buying a P500 worth of medicine which lasts only three days. A lady gave her money but she refused. She said “may awa ang Diyos.”

When we reached SM North, she carried her child back to the platform and without missing a step she soon vanished into the crowd. I remained on the farthest part of the platform. I heard her speak but I refused to listen. I knew where she was but did not glance at her direction. I mentally kicked myself. How did I become so apathetic? Any other person would have been reduced to any form of emotion except numbness.

I was numb, deaf and blind. Too many of us I guess have been jaded by life that we became like automatons. We pretend that if we did not know or meddle, it will not affect us. But it does affect us, indirectly. This is the reality. If she can be brave for her kid, turn down a stranger’s dole out money and keep up a positive attitude, then what is stopping me from being a human being for once and feel?

So I am writing about it now, about this mother who remained strong for her child, this stranger who did not have second thoughts in giving out money and this skill that I can use to give light to her plight. There are many like her who deserved our help, who were cheated by greedy people like Napoles of the money to come up with an efficient public health access.

It may be a long journey before I make any difference for people like her but I got to start someday, and that day is now.




Infanta’s suman

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Food review
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Infanta's suman

Nothing like Infanta’s suman. Made from malagkit, this version can be paired with anything and can also stand alone as it is already sweet. It may look small but very filling when eaten. Want to try some?

Sweet, succulent poison

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Food review

Sweet, succulent poison

The word lansones may have been derived from the word “lason” a Filipino word for poison.

Delicious ponkan

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Food review
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Delicious ponkan

Finally got these beauties from the fruit stand on the pavement just across the QC Hall. Quite a steal at P50 for three pieces.


For our group project we thought of how we can best help the environment. We have touched base with folks whose businesses were focused on going green. Our goal mainly is to improve the waste disposal behavior of the individuals and commercial establishments located in Manila through an online social marketing campaign to encourage reusing, recycling, and patronage of innovative enterprises who create more value for reusable/ recycled products.

Below are our three main goals at the end of this term:

What we want the audience to DO?

REFUSE non-biodegradable food containers by bringing own reusable containers such as reusable plastic/ glass food boxes and plastic/ glass water bottles and tumblers.

REUSE or RECYCLE/ UPCYCLE non-biodegradable waste products to give them a second life so they are not thrown away unnecessarily.

PATRONIZE and PROMOTE enterprises that are socially and environmentally responsible.

What we want the audience to KNOW?

Non-biodegradable waste takes up space in landfills and pollutes the ocean. It is waste that will last longer on earth than their children’s children.

What we want the audience to BELIEVE:

That individual actions such as REFUSING , REUSING, RECYCLING, UPCYCLING, and supporting ECO-ENTERPRISES translate into positive impact.

During our research and even our own observation, the only limit to one’s green living is not being creative enough. There are tons of things that can be repurposed and breathe life to…this can be our way of letting Mother Earth survive the onslaught of man made pollution.