For our group project we thought of how we can best help the environment. We have touched base with folks whose businesses were focused on going green. Our goal mainly is to improve the waste disposal behavior of the individuals and commercial establishments located in Manila through an online social marketing campaign to encourage reusing, recycling, and patronage of innovative enterprises who create more value for reusable/ recycled products.

Below are our three main goals at the end of this term:

What we want the audience to DO?

REFUSE non-biodegradable food containers by bringing own reusable containers such as reusable plastic/ glass food boxes and plastic/ glass water bottles and tumblers.

REUSE or RECYCLE/ UPCYCLE non-biodegradable waste products to give them a second life so they are not thrown away unnecessarily.

PATRONIZE and PROMOTE enterprises that are socially and environmentally responsible.

What we want the audience to KNOW?

Non-biodegradable waste takes up space in landfills and pollutes the ocean. It is waste that will last longer on earth than their children’s children.

What we want the audience to BELIEVE:

That individual actions such as REFUSING , REUSING, RECYCLING, UPCYCLING, and supporting ECO-ENTERPRISES translate into positive impact.

During our research and even our own observation, the only limit to one’s green living is not being creative enough. There are tons of things that can be repurposed and breathe life to…this can be our way of letting Mother Earth survive the onslaught of man made pollution.


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