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Posted: October 5, 2013 in Student's Life
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(Please be advised that this is an original write up and was derived from weeks of nonstop monitoring of our campaign. Any misrepresentation or claim otherwise is a violation of my intellectual property rights.)


Reuse+ability was the brainchild of like-minded individuals who hope to lessen their carbon footprints on Mother Earth through simple acts of bringing their own mug for coffee breaks in the office, carrying packed lunches, refusing the use of plastic bags or keeping litters like bus tickets/gum wrappers in their pants’ pockets in the meantime until they see a garbage bin.

B4 members hoped that through their awareness campaign, they would be able to influence people to practice the same discipline. They know they face such an arduous task since social media will be their main instrument in changing people’s mindset. Also they have decided that it would have better media mileage if they get to tie up with an existing green campaign of BPI, SM or Ayala Foundation. Unfortunately, this did not pan out as the contacts for said companies did not respond to the request.

This little setback did not deter the team. They focused on what resources they have at hand because they believe that they have a good campaign in their hands. Since B4 members knew that theirs is a purely online campaign, each one committed to have their respective friends and officemates help out in spreading the word. The Facebook page, Twitter and reuse+ability website soon had a growing number of followers. The initial number of 100 FB likes soon climbed to 500 and this made each member so excited that they aimed to at least reach 1000 followers before the semester comes to a close.

The mobile app soon was launched and by the end of August slowly became one of the popular downloads, it even made it to the second page. The team kept bombarding their FB walls with creative ways to reuse from old cartons to plastic bottles. The more they shared, the faster they got the attention especially of young moms who favored the DIY ideas for kids. Soon, the FB page had several contributions from their followers. Each time there was any changes, one member of the team would update the others of the increase in number in FB likes and shares. But soon, the deluge of DIY ideas from various websites led the team astray and they lost their focus a bit. When they regrouped anew, they not only cleaned up the stories in the websites and only kept the freshest DIY idea or article on the first page. Also they sought tie ups again with ecofriendly-enterprises to show their fast growing number of followers that trash can indeed be turned to cash.

Manila Sole and Siklo Pilipinas helped give reuse+ability the voice it needed to push harder when Rex Somera of Manila and Clarice de Villa agreed to be partners in the advocacy. Both businesses make use of old tires for their respective products and want to educate Filipinos about the hazards brought by old tires to the environment. Manila Sole promoted the reuse+ability campaign on their website. Another good news was Eko Lifestyle agreeing to maintain the website to continue what the group started.

Podcast hosts of the New Media Factory and a sports radio program of RMN were tapped latter part of the month of September to help boost awareness of the campaign further. Unfortunately this too did not pan out. Both hosts apologized and promised to bombard the pages they are administrators in to visit reuse+ability’s social media accounts and website.

The relentless effort of the team plus the change of their respective profile pictures with the reuse+ability logo paved way to 1330 likes for FB alone. The breakdown of each social media may be found in the appendices.

There were strategies the team was not able to carry out, like the creation of “Go Reusable” templates , badges, posters, that interested individuals could use to show their commitment or start their own campaign. In lieu of this, the group asked for pledges to be posted on the website. So far, there are already 54 pledges.

The sem has nearly come to an end and the group feels they could have done so much more but time had limited what they can do for now. They still hope though that the past weeks, their campaign created a dent in people’s perspective about thinking first before throwing anything away.

Anything reused, recycled, repurposed has the B4 stamp of approval.

Anything reused, recycled, repurposed has the B4 stamp of approval.


It is always nice to go back to the basics.

It is always nice to go back to the basics.


The gorgeous website from the hands of webmaster Lea.

The gorgeous website from the hands of webmaster Lea.


An FB experience.

An FB experience.


Hashtag to advocate reuse.

Hashtag to advocate reuse.






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