(Please be advised that this is an original write up about my experience and I have receipts as proof. Any misrepresentation or claim otherwise is a violation of my intellectual property rights.)

To properly thank the wonderful service of Tender Bob’s in SM The Block, I am writing this piece. My mom enjoyed her oriental chicken salad so much  when we had my brother’s birthday celebration at Tender Bob’s Shang that she thought of going back there. Lucky for us there is one in SM North.  We ordered some of the same, loaded potato skins and oriental chicken salad.

Very delicious, filled with bacon bits and cheesy sauce.

Very delicious, filled with bacon bits and cheesy sauce.


Oriental chicken salad

Vanilla ice cream melted as the pan was perhaps too hot. Still it was a delish dessert.

Vanilla ice cream melted as the pan was perhaps too hot. Still it was a delish dessert.



The rest ordered different dishes. Some were really very well prepared but the rest were bland, tough and under seasoned. But the story of the very attentive staff did not start there. It began when while chewing on my potato skin, I heard a loud crack. I thought I chipped a molar but when I took out the piece I found a very small, crystal like particle. I called our server Mimi and asked to quietly to check on what it was. She got a tissue where the small bit was placed and she immediately went to the kitchen. When Mimi came back, she apologized, asked if I was hurt then collected the potato skin plate and replaced it with a new one.

For some reason, near the end of the meal and halfway through my 3rd refill of the bottomless iced tea, a small insect was floating inside the glass. We all laughed and I did not want to create a fuss since it was me again. I did not want them to think that I was doing it on purpose, sabotage the food served but my aunt requested for a change in my drink.

Thank goodness, the staff there was very gracious. They even gave us a complementary sizzling cinnamon ala mode and a 10% discount. I was both grateful and ashamed. I did not complain those things because it was nothing and we were in a celebratory mode. But the head chef/manager thought it best to thank us for not raising hell. There were not a lot of people there, still the staff remained courteous and very professional. Kudos to their management. They made the experience all the more memorable in a nice, warm feeling inside way. 🙂



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