December 1

Posted: December 1, 2013 in My World in 4D

There is nothing significant about this day but I felt like writing. So much has happened the past month that I think proved to be an eye opener for me and for many others.

I have started going to church again after a long time of not doing so. I tried to exercise again because I believe I have gotten too fat that it no longer is funny. I had two events tucked under my belt that I was lucky enough to be invited to. I got my nth company rejection. I had my ob gyne visit and now I have to get biopsy. Super typhoon Haiyan hit the country and the world lent a hand. Super typhoon Haiyan hit the country but failed to blow away idiots like Noynoy, Mar Roxas and Korina. School has started and I remain detached. My account finally had its anniversary party. I had a talk with my mom and the decision is made. There will be so many changes happening and in 44 days, am going to take that leap because it is time to do so regardless whether I have a ledge to leap unto or empty space.

December hopefully brings in a brighter tomorrow, better news and opportunities.


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