Random thoughts on a late Friday night…

Posted: December 6, 2013 in My World in 4D
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I set the alarm to go at 3PM so I can finally get my lazy butt off to the cardiologist in Medicard. Thing was I was sleepier than I thought and so I woke up at 6:18. Judging from the heavy traffic on my way home, I would have to be that crazy to even attempt to go to Centris at night. Not only will I waste my time, Medicard Centris schedule is not even BPO employee friendly. 5-7PM is an unholy hour for people like us. Geez, I have been forever sleeping the hours am supposed to be in the freaking clinic.

Instead of brooding, I turned on the Christmas lights adorning my beautiful white Christmas tree, peed and went back to bed. After an hour of tossing and turning, I gave up and logged in FB hoping to feel sleepy. I got hungry instead and Jollibee hotline was either down or there is only one agent taking all the orders because I had to listen to their jingle for a good four full commercial breaks. Nothing. I just called Pizza Hut instead. I can take my business elsewhere Jollibee, yours is not the only fastfood in town. Phooey to you.

Supposed to have my assignments done but put it off to do the laundry. It is just kind of weird when you live alone and have so much laundry accumulate in a week’s time. Who wears that much clothes anyway? I sleep with just my undies and yet the pile of dirty clothes is unbelievably high. Groan.

So now that the laundry is done, I should not have any excuse not to finish my assignment. I need to have enough time to do my other subject because paper has been rejected due to erroneous thinking. I perhaps thought having big words can get me through the next step. Wrong! I should have know that my procrastination would derail me and cost me a month’s rest.

Sigh. Early morning was productive tho. Two meetings, one on one with the boss then was a rant absorber before I went home. Now I set the alarm again so I can wake up bright and early tomorrow morning. Lots to do, lots to think about. Have to rid this lethargy that has taken over me. Tsk.


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