Tattoos in my mind

Posted: December 8, 2013 in My World in 4D

For the Sunday gospel today, the priest Anthony Bautista shared a story about a clinic that offered tattoo removal. Those who opted to have their tattoos removed wanted to get a job, to clear their skin up of any “dumi“, to get rid of a childhood dare etc. The good father said for many of us, there are things that we wish we can get rid off too with a mere operation or something akin to that but it is just not possible.

The memories, experiences, choices, decisions etc that we had or did will remain a part of us no matter what we do. What we can just do is move on, learn from it, be better. There is no medicine or magic that would make some bad aspects of our lives vanish. There will always be someone, somewhere, sometime that would bring the past up.

I made that unfortunate choice some 7 years ago and those who found out just now from someone else would bring him up and ask what happened or why we did not remain friends. First two years were hard, painful and I wished the earth would swallow me whole. I reacted violently, angrily even with the mere mention of his name then all those anger evaporated to tolerance and apathy after a while. So I understand, it takes some getting used to again not being a couple for those who recently just broke up. You cannot just stop then forget. One of these days, the memory will be blurry and that person/memory/experience is finally pushed far back in the recesses of your mind. Just give it time. I promise no surgeries required. 😉


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