Pho Hoa: Never Again

Posted: December 26, 2013 in Food review
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This is my original piece. Any form of copying or plagiarizing is frowned upon. I have receipts to prove this claim, do you?

We had the unfortunate luck of eating in a supposed Vietnamese inspired restaurant after watching Kimmy Dora in Shangri-La. We were hoping for a very sumptuous meal due to the exorbitant price. But what we had was blah. My fried rice was below average, the meat that came with was bland and the shrunken “spring rolls” were too oily. My mom’s soup was dry like the desert. My brother was too hungry to complain. Overall, if ever you think Pho Hoa has a good menu, DON’T! Honestly, it should be phooey.

It is a highly priced badly cooked meals. I felt too sorry for myself that we had to find some way to wash away the awful meal we just had. I really think they ought to rethink how they prepare the food. I have been to Vietnam and I love the food we ordered there, even those just around the corner had delicious meals.

In their website they claim “We hold our standards high by using top-quality ingredients in our products to ensure quality, consistency and flavors.” Unfortunately, this claim did not translate well when served on a dish.

IMG_1379 IMG_1382 IMG_1386

  1. if you would dine again at shangri-la plaza mall, try dining at lemongrass which is near the entrance facing shangri-la hotel. love their pomelo salad and grilled chicken.

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