My revamped haven

Posted: January 5, 2014 in My World in 4D
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I have neglected my little piece of  heaven for the longest time so when I took on the challenge of being a weekend warrior, I never thought such a small space can accumulate so much stuff. But stuff did pile up and armed with my trusty face mask, I pulled and pushed big and small pieces of furniture to one side of my condo so I can play in my mind how to carry out the new lay out. Actually there is only much that I can move, the biggest one in the room would not budge. The two-faced cabinet remained at its place but was given some brushing off of dusts. My brother’s comic books were given some wiping. I mention some because it needs another day just to go through all the shelves and be rid of most of its contents.

While doing the heavy lifting, I discovered our long lost DVD remote control. It was just where the DVD was, and to think I had to endure the long playing DVD disc just to get to the part I needed to get to. Well lesson learned, never put off major clean ups. Spring cleaning should be part of my agenda at least every quarter or mid year knowing how lazy I am. So now I find that I do have a lot of space left even with the new table and chair. I can actually roll towards the kitchen and back again to the table without so much a hiccup.

Now, with some days free after my resignation, my next pet project would be some major wall scrubbing and wall prepping for a new paint. I plan to do some wall doodling to make my walls more interactive and special. Then do some purchases of new storage and linens especially curtains. I have another project in mind, maybe soon I can find a good contractor who can build me a walk in closet and install tiles to replace the vinyl on my floors.

Something like this for m walls.

Something like this for m walls.

These projects plus my Italy vacation with my family should be in the works too this year.

One of these days, Id bring my family for a vacation here.

One of these days, Id bring my family for a vacation here.

Simply cannot wait.


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