7 years and all the love in the world

Posted: January 17, 2014 in My World in 4D
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My good friend, Lisa, told me once that I do not need to win any awards as TL Hero of the Year or Best TL when I complained once that I never get those recognition and felt down that I never get noticed. She added that my agents appreciation of what I do for them and the additional tasks given me by my boss are enough proofs that I mattered, it may not be the recognition I seek but having my agents’ respect and love cannot be had any other person. I did not understand it then so I was inconsolable, I acted like a child who didn’t get her Christmas present from Santa.

Months later when I finally tendered my resignation and gave each of my babies a personal handwritten letter, I felt the overwhelming love they have for me. Even those who are no longer part of the campaign I was with made me feel so precious. Bryan told me that seeing me in my cluster made him feel at ease because for him I symbolize stability so it would feel really different now that I wont be there anymore. Gab felt sad when he found out, he cannot believe that I was leaving. He told me he wont have anyone to ask about things anymore. Em, Maneth and Grapes all posted in FB how they hated that I was leaving, that I had to give them a letter while I was on leave to deliver the news. They along with OM and Edison cried.

When I started with the company I did not know that I would be having this type of connection with people. I have always been shy and thus aloof. I had a feeling that I alienated people because of my bitchy attitude. I thought wrong. I did not only receive the best award that can ever be given, I received as well the best gift ever bestowed to anyone. I mattered, I made a difference and I got all the love in the world. My boss Logan even apologized, he said that he is sorry that they failed me. Things were very chaotic and just when things were being fixed, they already lost me. Shane and Ian also called, both managers gave me a nice farewell message. Lisa was right afterall, this was better than the QA award because no one else can claim this save for me.

Em’s initial photo collage

Big bouquet. I never had one even from past flames but Edison remembered and he got my the biggest bouquet of all.

Agua’s love letter

Joe’s, he didnt have to but he did.

My darling team, Dimension

From Tonio, my original SME

Wonderful comments

Dexie’s ode to me

Big guy Dy

Em’s post anew

Cherie’s take of the “drama”

The boss and her not so simple message

Yuki’s way

And I finally bid adieu through my version of a swan song….

Mother B swan song

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