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Fine I am a worry wart. I worry, worry, worry, worry, worry…especially since I would hear that someone managed to get a top spot in the company I applied in. Bummer for me. Then my former baby told me that I should not have left without having any job offers. Okay for one thing, I am not worried I will not get an offer. I know I will. Also I cannot be productive anymore if my heart and mind no longer feel comfortable where I was before. That was a sad state…I am not in that state anymore. I am however in the getting antsy stage because again I worry, worry, worry, worry…

That part of me which worries a lot fails to realize that if I had a job offer last week, I wont be able to submit my requirements because I was really sick. I was coughing way too much. I was also not sleeping and eating a lot. So last week was my time to just heal. The week before that I had a chance to be screened for a team leader post. Maybe it was not for me. I did not feel comfortable in the lounge area. I did not appreciate the wait of more than 2 hours for a supposed scheduled interview. I did not like the mamaru gay who talked a mile a minute in a voice five decibels high in volume for an hour before he got called. I did not also like the guy he was talking to as that one kept throwing his pen in the air and failed to grab it more than twice. He was loud too with his exaggerated sighs. Ugh.

I am at wit’s end. I apologize for being so impatient. I know there are a lot of people helping out to get me in somewhere.  I know, truly I know. I get it. I need this time to chill and to try to enjoy the stressfree life. No commuting, no annoying fellow passengers, no parading of shitty faced idiotic colleagues, no politicking…just honest to goodness solitude. Also I can spend all my time perfecting my requirements in school. The mindlessness of worrying has led me astray so I am left with just this week to finish three requirements.

Sigh. I promise to do better starting today at being a patient bum.