For the love of writing

Posted: April 1, 2014 in My World in 4D

To be honest, I had doubts about my writing skills mainly because I allowed bullies like Armin and Tessa from my previous companies to undermine my confidence that I can write well. They were not good mentors to a fledgling writer but I appreciate the experience in having a bad boss. To this day I will not admit I became a better writer. I became better though in expressing myself on paper, albeit now it is virtually done.

I now fully understand what my high school teacher Ms. Luna told me, I have a way with words and am lucky now that I can get to improve how I express myself whether in utter anger or happiness. There is no longer any template or guideline to hinder me. I just write. I am grateful for those who make my thoughts their thoughts, my feelings theirs as well. There is so much beauty in merely writing out your thoughts because it can elicit a laugh, a smile, a frown or anger depending on the mood you are in while you wrote an entry.

My most successful so far albeit not because of my writing prowess is the Metrodeal bad customer service. It not only elicited righteous indignation from various people because they either had a bad experience too or have doubts about the vouchers purchased. Actually the entry was not even about vouchers or Indochina, it was just a simple entry about a particular email agent. Who would have thought that it would turn into something else? I even had two take down notice after Metrodeal complained I was using their case studies when  both instances were actually mine to begin with, my entries were posted on their website without my consent. Yes, me. My understated, not too shabby written blog…

Since yesterday I had been lucky enough to be asked to write. Yes write  and make money in the process. If this pans out, then perhaps me, my mom and my brother are now all engaged in careers we have been passionate about eversince but were too scared to try. But however this may turn up, I will still write and write and write….oh you get the drift.


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