Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Hugo

Posted: April 3, 2014 in Movie review
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Lately the buzz is that Divergent is another Hunger Games where kids from the future equip themselves to fight for freedom of sorts. Well, this is not surprising. Afterall most of the movies basically rehash plots. But my most favorite of those movies that are very parallel with another were shown just two months apart.

Hugo was released in November 2001 while Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close was shown in January 2012. Both stories revolved around the boys whose respective dads died violently at work. Hugo and Oskar both wanted to solve a puzzle they thought would lead them to a message from their dads. They both have an old man who played a critical role in their adventure – Hugo had the former magician turned filmmaker cum toy maker Papa George while Oskar had his grandfather Oskar Schell Sr. Then both found the keys to get them the answers they sought. Hugo and Oskar while doing their mini adventures met new people along the way and managed to touch those lives somehow.

Despite these parallelism with how the stories evolved, the movies were both refreshingly original and inexplicably captivating. Maybe a tad heavy handed on the drama but the stories wrapped up quite nicely in the end.

hugo extreme


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