Are you kidding me?

Posted: April 11, 2014 in My World in 4D
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When I read this news article online by GMA, I do not know how to take it. To be told that people do not have any idea that there are alternative means to go wherever aside from the MRT by a high ranking government official is beyond stupidity. The problem is not that we do not know any alternative means to go from one point to the next but how to come to work without being late. The traffic has been horrendous and those who commute to work seek the MRT to get them from North to South or South to North the quickest time. But the way the MRT is being managed should be put under the microscope. If there are 560,000 commuters then there has to be some way to rethink how many coaches should be added and how far in between the trips should be.

I am one of those commuters who dare not ride the MRT during rush hour because of the endless long line. But even during a weekend or what can be considered a slow day, the people waiting for the trains to arrive gather on the platform. Sometimes they wait more than 15 minutes before one arrives. Imagine that, 15 minutes when a train could have arrived and picked up the gaggle of people already there. What happens is like a jeep in a terminal, the train waits to get filled up.  Sometimes the one in the North would have trains pass through without having anyone ride in any of the coaches. It sometimes would be the third train and by that time the platform is too full of commuters. Then this train would still wait for more passengers that by the time the train arrives in the next terminal, none of those commuters waiting in the second stop could get in. It really defeats the purpose of having a supposedly fast and efficient transportation in place.

We really should take a look at how  Singapore’s MTR system works. We should learn how to be that efficient. Imagine despite the number of people, no one stays on the platform longer than 5 minutes. The machines that dispense the cards are all working. Here the MRT commuters have to endure being squished by the throng of people while trying to get up, while buying the card and while riding the train.

So Herminia Coloma Jr. before you even think that these MRT commuters do not consider an alternate route going anywhere, please try to ride one during the rush hour. Try to see how bad the situation has become before you come up with a press con to suggest other modes of transportation. For all you know these commuters have already considered it yet they still brave the heat, the exhaustion, the pain and the crowd because they believe that the MRT is their best option. Your suggestion is poorly conceived. Think of ways to alleviate the worsening traffic in the metro, then maybe there would be less passengers who’d rely on the MRT however inefficient and unreliable it has become of late.



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