A Different Zip Code

Posted: April 23, 2014 in My World in 4D

It was exactly 8 years ago when I found a humble, quiet and low-cost condo unit in the heart of Quezon City. It was love at first sight because at that time I needed a place for me and my brother. Also it was perfect for the likes of me. The unit does not get too hot when the temperature gets too high since it faces south and there is no tall building to impede the cool air.  Each end of the year celebration, I have an unobstructed view of the fireworks.

But the past months, my little haven is not as quiet or as perfect anymore. The little cracks all around, the noise and cigarette smoke of the unit dweller below me, the water outage, the unkempt hallway and foyer, so on and so forth.

Last Saturday, me and my family went to shop around for a new place and I felt the same elation when I stepped into the showroom of my condo. I want to feel at home again when I am in my unit, not claustrophobic or whatever but home. I hate that the dwellers in the floor under me deprive me of that. They are noisy every night and they smoke like a chimney nonstop. My nostrils get assaulted and I have to keep my windows and door to my CR closed. Since we share a common exhaust, their smoke can seep through my unit. Imagine during a humid summer day and even night, I have to close my windows. I have complained  but then again some people are just too insensitive that nothing gets through to them.

So I am ready to sell this unit and find another home where I can feel rested and contented.


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