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I discovered the novelty of owning a Wacoal undergarment just a couple of years ago. It was one of those times when I gave in to a whim and got myself my first ever Wacoal brassiere along with a Triumph one. I found to my amazement how durable it was. The one from Triumph lost its cup shape while until now my first Wacoal still retained its shape.  I figured it is more practical to buy a Wacoal than buy cheap ones that get deformed easily despite the care in washing them by hand.

Since then I save up enough and got myself new ones.  Today, June 1 is Wacoal’s 25th Anniversary and I did not miss the chance of getting at least two pairs on a discount. Well, the usually price tagged as P1495 was just a measly P895, so I got me four new ones and managed to save P1400. Imagine that? Like one was free for a pair. I do not have photos of the new ones but I do have of my collection including my first ever purchase.

You can say that after the first bra, I never looked back and instead went for more. 🙂