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The Fabs diet

Posted: August 5, 2014 in My World in 4D

The last time I remembered being on a very strict diet was when I tried Arsi’s Breathe Thin program. I lost 30 pounds then and did not get flabby until three years later. This svelte figure was nearly a decade ago.

Now after being big for the longest time and having given up on exercises (not so much as it did not work, but rather more of me having one excuse after another of not doing any) I am at my wit’s end because I want to be smaller yet I am not doing anything about it.

Yesterday I made up my mind. Time to really lose the weight because I feel so unhealthy that my skin is projecting it out of my body constantly. I bought lots of fruits, fish, pork and vegetables plus an oven top grill. I just hope I will not succumb to the allure of sweets and carbs since this particular diet I started shuns carbs even in bananas, potatoes, corn and such. This is what I have to do for six months in order to lose 40 pounds. I also have to remember to do some cardio to tone what needs to be toned.

Keep fingers crossed I get to my goal.