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November 1st

Posted: October 31, 2015 in My World in 4D

I lay awake today so in the wee hours of the morning, we can go and visit my dad in the cemetery.

Way back in 1991, we had a weekly visit to his grave. We paid no heed to the traffic, the heat, the burdensome bus ride. The focus was just being with my dad. Mt. Pinatubo erupted and the entire Metro Manila was shrouded with dust for weeks on end. You cannot venture out without having to be fully covered by cloth, otherwise you’d suffocate from the nonstop barrage of sandlike particulates. Unfazed we went still, a good whole year of weekly visits. We missed him dearly.

As the days progressed that turned to months, we found ourselves going there every month then every other to finally just visit during his birthday, his death anniversary and days like today when the entire nation commemorates their dear departed. I used to carry the steel rods that prompt up a makeshift tent, walking the entire length of then Holy Cross (now Manila Memorial) towards the entrance where jeepneys bound for Nova bayan were. Then we bought a camping tent suited for three people. We would often stay the night until late afternoon the next day.

Moving forward today, a decade or so later, the traffic proved to be too much for a 30 minutes visit to my dearest, forever missed dad. Having to endure more than 3 hours in horrible EDSA traffic is not practical. My brother kidded bat di na lang kaya ikaw ang dumalaw dad?

Sans the humor though, we do want to make sure dad will not feel alone today. We have foregone sleep for the moment to be with and say a quiet prayer for this man we so love, we so respect and deeply missed.


On writing anew

Posted: October 30, 2015 in My World in 4D

The other day, an old friend asked me if it is possible to write him a recommendation letter. Of course I said yes. How can I turn down such an opportunity to give him accolades for his poetic prowess? This led me to come up with a rather brief write up for him, not because I lack the words but I want the receiving organization have only a glimpse and as they begin to unwrap the gift that he possesses, they will be as awed as I still am.

His request proved timely. I began to think maybe it is time to go back to writing. Maybe I need to find my roots again and fall back in love with the magic of words. In all honesty there never really was a love hate relationship, only love which I have failed to nurture over the years. My love remained in the background just patiently waiting for me to rekindle the passion to write anew.

I was out of practice. I know that but when I began to tell his story the words just fell into place and I could not stop. I was back. I have found my love, rather scruffy but present and willing to take me back.

So from now, I will visit more often. I will pay heed to the calling of my heart. I will bare my soul again and let my fingertips do the talking as words get weaved, as raw emotions get sewn in, as life (mine) unfolds in each entry…I will dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s just to make this love affair thrive this time around.

…thus, hello Bitchysideoflife, guess who’s back? 🙂

Girl interrupted

Posted: October 23, 2015 in Services Review

I feel lost in the myriad of instructions given. I feel defenseless against the onslaught of uncalled for escalations. I feel distraught that I have no voice in any matter, often just guilty of the charge.

It is demotivating, this unrelenting barrage of sanctions. The never ending accusations of the I did not do.

Tired of this shitty treatment from a company that boasts it is there for its people.