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First day today I had my first taste of being inside a man’s gym. The smell and look at Elorde showed they are not big on aesthetics but are so in making things happen.

My trainer, Gerry or Jerry or however he spells his name, was a very soft spoken man. I can hardly hear what he was trying to tell me, punch, jab, upper. Well, one thing I learned apart from having a weak punch,  I have a very poor eye and body coordination. I cannot for the life of me shuffle my feet while trying to hit the hook and jab pads or the speedball. Honestly I spent more time trying to steady the speedball and the floor to ceiling ball rather than truly hitting them.

I will though persevere. Despite the heavy presence of testosterone and my own inept boxing skills I will keep at it until I can skip rope like a pro. Then I’d train on my own 🙂

Why because I have a lot of aggression in me against someone and I’d rather channel it through boxing rather than lose my job and lose weight in the process. To quote from an article by Hannah Wahlig “Boxing is a high-intensity workout, and incorporating adequate resting periods is essential for preventing injury and allowing your muscles time to recuperate. If you are a beginner, incorporate one cardio boxing class into your routine per week to start, and increase to two or three weekly classes after you’ve increased your stamina and strength. For weight loss, three aerobic boxing classes per week, with rest days in between each, allows your body adequate recovery time without sacrificing results. Boxing is particularly well suited for individuals with decreased lower body mobility as a majority of the movements can be performed using only the upper body. Boxing may also be a source of stress relief for people who are looking for an outlet for anxiety or aggression.


D’ Glove Game

Posted: November 24, 2015 in My World in 4D
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This is it. Since I have been hankering for a fist fight the past few weeks, I plan to hit two birds with one stone. Why not have an actual boxing session to pour my negative energy unto and then lose some weight (crossing fingers) in the process? Brilliant right?

So off I went to K1 today as suggested by my colleague and got myself a set of 10 oz boxing gloves and a pair of hand wraps. I will start my boxing lessons next week and I cannot wait to get started. Maybe this is what I need to unleash all that anger towards some powers that be.

Good thing there is a boxing gym a couple of blocks from where I live. No need for a commute and no need to lug a heavy bag for miles on end. I hope the body pain will rejuvenate the sleeping bitch within. Time for some sucker punchin’!20151124_203414

Great Expectations – NOT!

Posted: November 24, 2015 in Services Review

Have you had one of those days when you look forward to getting overwhelmed with emotions because finally after such a long time, your sweet, charming former agent will finally get married?

So here comes the day of all days, you get excited and pimped up to witness such a magical moment in a girl’s life. Then for some reason it felt rather blah. There was no awww moment, nothing that sort of tipped the tears to roll down my cheeks. So okay, I did not understand that. Usually during a wedding I feel a combination of happiness, relief, excitement, giddiness and envy but here there was simply nothing. I was glad though to see familiar faces, like a reunion of sorts because these used to be my people who know, trust and respect me.

Anyway, after the lengthy photo ceremony we went off to the reception. We got lost and arrived at the well hidden retreat looking garden cum hall of sorts late. What made the entire thing aggravating was that the table we were assigned to seemed like an after thought. It was at the farthest end of the rather small event area and fully blocked out by the wall.

It was also situated at the top of the stairs going to the restroom. To make it more uncomfortable the photobooth was beside us so where we were at, there’s a lot of foot traffic.

To make matters worst, despite the foot traffic the waiters do not even get to us. Someone from our table had to go all the way towards the buffet table to call them just to put water in our glasses. Then while everybody else had their soups, we did not even get any since as per the waiters we already got served and thus no more soup.

Truly disappointing. The event coordinator definitely messed up. Of course the idea is to make the just married couple happy but their guests ought to be happy too. Husband and wife tandem Rafael and Edz de Jesus ruined the night for those seated at table #16. They took out table #17 because they thought no one would be there and put poor mommy forgothername out in the cold with no other table to go to. She did sit with us but her bad experience with the coordinators did not end there. The photobooth had no line and whenever she would ask if she can have her picture taken she would be told after the activities. Then she’d see that the entourage can have their pictures taken, so she’d ask yet again only to be told sorry but the coordinators said after. Thrice she tried and thrice she got turned down.

That thing coupled with the zero visibility of our table dampened my mood. I did not get to see the dance. I did not get to cheer for the just married couple because the moment was marred by the lousy and ill conceptualized lay out and service of Raffy and wife. I did not feel celebratory. All I wanted was to go home and forget about the worst wedding reception I have ever attended, as in ever.

Dear You

Posted: November 16, 2015 in My World in 4D
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Today seemed the first time in days where you were truly relaxed. It had helped prolly that you finally made that move in removing someone from a friend’s list and blocking them. It freed you somehow. Then you also made that decision to make yourself healthy. You kept putting it off, now it is going to happen. A lot of pent up energy needs to be released, a lot of anger needs to be redirected. What is good about it is that it will make you hopefully not only healthier and stronger but focused.

For a long time since you came to this place, you were planted with seeds of doubt of your leadership. Your confidence was completely shaken by someone who instead of being a mentor became a tormentor. You know you are better than that, better than him but the consistency of his attacks proved to be too much that it got you derailed. The saddest part was you believed that someone more intelligent than him would not be swayed by this character, until that one day you were proven wrong. Tsk. So much for that intelligence.

The anger and resentment had built up that your health suffered. This isn’t you. This unthinking, totally overwhelmed, disoriented girl isn’t you. But that was you for what seemed like forever. So today, you got a breather. No pesky calls, no intrusion, just a quiet time alone when you can spend it however the hell you want.

So good for you. Now on to better things, stronger you, better performance and happier, saner you.

Sincerely yours,

Alter Ego

The Purple Do

Posted: November 14, 2015 in My World in 4D
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Honestly I have long wanted to have my hair done differently. I know, I know at this age? Well what the heck right? I am getting kind of rebellious lately and what can be better than having something truly unexpected (or rather expected from a lover of anything violet/purple/lilac/lavender) than having my hair dyed in it?

Lloyd sent me this link and I found very interesting hues and styles…Now I am on the hunt for a salon that can do this for me. Any suggestion?11226923_10153426249046563_1765315943914367281_n 11401324_10153426249041563_8717722276415432818_n

Miss Managed

Posted: November 11, 2015 in My World in 4D

Ordinarily, I would just shrug this off and say oh well ganun e. But it isn’t really one those anymore. The daily bombardment of accusations like I did not do my job, I did not floor walk, I did not accept an escalation, I did not coach, I did not issue this and that proves to be too much. I am truly disappointed at how one sided upper management is.

I really want to tell them why not instead of telling me what I did wrong, you try to walk in my shoes just for a day. Only you will be there, no one else but you. Just try handling various personalities, with various temperaments, various needs and level of competence. Let us if they can for an entire day deliver what they are asking us to deliver day in and day out.

When I told that to someone in HR, he told me what for so we can see how impossible it is? I told him no, that is not the point, so you can have a better perspective rather than just dictating what we should do or not do on an hourly and daily basis. If you do a time in motion perhaps you can have a better perspective and not just point an accusatory finger at us and say neglectful, disappointing, horrible…

If upper management truly cared for their subordinates, then they would not need to ask if they needed help. They ought to have known that there would be help required to get a team of 29 going. How can someone be expected of doing the floor walk, rallying of numbers, coaching outliers, plotting exceptions, listening to calls, attending meetings and huddles, being called by your boss constantly and other menial tasks do so in 8 hours?

This is not to say I am waving my hand in defeat. Far from it. What I am is tired of the so called “management”. If they want to manage me out then so be it. I am not any lesser than what they think I am. Humans whether they like to or not have biases. I feel am being singled out just because I do not do things the same way everybody does it. I do my own thing because I know what will work more if only they’d allow my projects to actually take plight. Well for them it is not the case, I am just bad at my job. Maybe, or they are just far worse at theirs? Why not ask themselves, has there been any coaching done for me? Has there been any help given at all? What have they done in order for me not to fail?

So ordinarily I would really just shrug this off but I have had enough of office bullies. You can all eat my shit and shut up.

No wonder we are touted as having the worst traffic on earth. Imagine I leave my unit at 130PM and I am just a stone’s throw away from EDSA, only to arrive nearly 4PM at the office. How outrageously bewildering is that? I should just be a mere 30 minutes away. Imagine if I still live in Novaliches, what time would I arrive then?

20151106_144010 20151106_144035


To think it is not even December yet and it is already so nerve wracking going to the office. It is also not rush hour but felt like it was, as the wait time for the shuttle then the ride to Mc Kinley took forever and made the supposed short trip feel like an eternity. What has our dearest officials done? Come up with something and please not another unreliable MRT, just something before EDSA truly becomes the biggest parking space ever built..