Once Upon a Parvati

Posted: November 2, 2015 in Food review
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IMG_9122 IMG_9124

In the belly bottom of Trinoma, there once was a dainty pastry shop we discovered by chance. Although we were kind of hesitant to eat there because there were more tables and chairs than people, we shrugged off the doubt and went on to order. It turned out that this rather unassuming pastry shop called Parvati would have the best array of cheesecakes and cookies ever baked. My favorite was the Salted Caramel because it was not too sweet and the cream cheese melted in the mouth, it was just silky and smooth.

I brought so many of my friends there because the ambiance was great and the food always fabulous. I also bought my fiends cookies and tiny cakes so they can sample the succulent finds I often talk about when desserts get mentioned. I feel sad that it had to close. My last visit there, only a handful of baked goodies were to be had. Gone were my usual oatmeal cookies treat, pastas and sandwiches. Coffee was no longer served. You just get it yourself near a table with a coffee brewer, sugar and styro cups were displayed. It was at that time I know Parvati can’t go any further and when I changed zip code, I guessed it also made its last hurrah.


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