Miss Managed

Posted: November 11, 2015 in My World in 4D

Ordinarily, I would just shrug this off and say oh well ganun e. But it isn’t really one those anymore. The daily bombardment of accusations like I did not do my job, I did not floor walk, I did not accept an escalation, I did not coach, I did not issue this and that proves to be too much. I am truly disappointed at how one sided upper management is.

I really want to tell them why not instead of telling me what I did wrong, you try to walk in my shoes just for a day. Only you will be there, no one else but you. Just try handling various personalities, with various temperaments, various needs and level of competence. Let us if they can for an entire day deliver what they are asking us to deliver day in and day out.

When I told that to someone in HR, he told me what for so we can see how impossible it is? I told him no, that is not the point, so you can have a better perspective rather than just dictating what we should do or not do on an hourly and daily basis. If you do a time in motion perhaps you can have a better perspective and not just point an accusatory finger at us and say neglectful, disappointing, horrible…

If upper management truly cared for their subordinates, then they would not need to ask if they needed help. They ought to have known that there would be help required to get a team of 29 going. How can someone be expected of doing the floor walk, rallying of numbers, coaching outliers, plotting exceptions, listening to calls, attending meetings and huddles, being called by your boss constantly and other menial tasks do so in 8 hours?

This is not to say I am waving my hand in defeat. Far from it. What I am is tired of the so called “management”. If they want to manage me out then so be it. I am not any lesser than what they think I am. Humans whether they like to or not have biases. I feel am being singled out just because I do not do things the same way everybody does it. I do my own thing because I know what will work more if only they’d allow my projects to actually take plight. Well for them it is not the case, I am just bad at my job. Maybe, or they are just far worse at theirs? Why not ask themselves, has there been any coaching done for me? Has there been any help given at all? What have they done in order for me not to fail?

So ordinarily I would really just shrug this off but I have had enough of office bullies. You can all eat my shit and shut up.


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