Dear You

Posted: November 16, 2015 in My World in 4D
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Today seemed the first time in days where you were truly relaxed. It had helped prolly that you finally made that move in removing someone from a friend’s list and blocking them. It freed you somehow. Then you also made that decision to make yourself healthy. You kept putting it off, now it is going to happen. A lot of pent up energy needs to be released, a lot of anger needs to be redirected. What is good about it is that it will make you hopefully not only healthier and stronger but focused.

For a long time since you came to this place, you were planted with seeds of doubt of your leadership. Your confidence was completely shaken by someone who instead of being a mentor became a tormentor. You know you are better than that, better than him but the consistency of his attacks proved to be too much that it got you derailed. The saddest part was you believed that someone more intelligent than him would not be swayed by this character, until that one day you were proven wrong. Tsk. So much for that intelligence.

The anger and resentment had built up that your health suffered. This isn’t you. This unthinking, totally overwhelmed, disoriented girl isn’t you. But that was you for what seemed like forever. So today, you got a breather. No pesky calls, no intrusion, just a quiet time alone when you can spend it however the hell you want.

So good for you. Now on to better things, stronger you, better performance and happier, saner you.

Sincerely yours,

Alter Ego


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