D’ Glove Game

Posted: November 24, 2015 in My World in 4D
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This is it. Since I have been hankering for a fist fight the past few weeks, I plan to hit two birds with one stone. Why not have an actual boxing session to pour my negative energy unto and then lose some weight (crossing fingers) in the process? Brilliant right?

So off I went to K1 today as suggested by my colleague and got myself a set of 10 oz boxing gloves and a pair of hand wraps. I will start my boxing lessons next week and I cannot wait to get started. Maybe this is what I need to unleash all that anger towards some powers that be.

Good thing there is a boxing gym a couple of blocks from where I live. No need for a commute and no need to lug a heavy bag for miles on end. I hope the body pain will rejuvenate the sleeping bitch within. Time for some sucker punchin’!20151124_203414


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