Great Expectations – NOT!

Posted: November 24, 2015 in Services Review

Have you had one of those days when you look forward to getting overwhelmed with emotions because finally after such a long time, your sweet, charming former agent will finally get married?

So here comes the day of all days, you get excited and pimped up to witness such a magical moment in a girl’s life. Then for some reason it felt rather blah. There was no awww moment, nothing that sort of tipped the tears to roll down my cheeks. So okay, I did not understand that. Usually during a wedding I feel a combination of happiness, relief, excitement, giddiness and envy but here there was simply nothing. I was glad though to see familiar faces, like a reunion of sorts because these used to be my people who know, trust and respect me.

Anyway, after the lengthy photo ceremony we went off to the reception. We got lost and arrived at the well hidden retreat looking garden cum hall of sorts late. What made the entire thing aggravating was that the table we were assigned to seemed like an after thought. It was at the farthest end of the rather small event area and fully blocked out by the wall.

It was also situated at the top of the stairs going to the restroom. To make it more uncomfortable the photobooth was beside us so where we were at, there’s a lot of foot traffic.

To make matters worst, despite the foot traffic the waiters do not even get to us. Someone from our table had to go all the way towards the buffet table to call them just to put water in our glasses. Then while everybody else had their soups, we did not even get any since as per the waiters we already got served and thus no more soup.

Truly disappointing. The event coordinator definitely messed up. Of course the idea is to make the just married couple happy but their guests ought to be happy too. Husband and wife tandem Rafael and Edz de Jesus ruined the night for those seated at table #16. They took out table #17 because they thought no one would be there and put poor mommy forgothername out in the cold with no other table to go to. She did sit with us but her bad experience with the coordinators did not end there. The photobooth had no line and whenever she would ask if she can have her picture taken she would be told after the activities. Then she’d see that the entourage can have their pictures taken, so she’d ask yet again only to be told sorry but the coordinators said after. Thrice she tried and thrice she got turned down.

That thing coupled with the zero visibility of our table dampened my mood. I did not get to see the dance. I did not get to cheer for the just married couple because the moment was marred by the lousy and ill conceptualized lay out and service of Raffy and wife. I did not feel celebratory. All I wanted was to go home and forget about the worst wedding reception I have ever attended, as in ever.


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