At Elorde

Posted: November 30, 2015 in Services Review
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First day today I had my first taste of being inside a man’s gym. The smell and look at Elorde showed they are not big on aesthetics but are so in making things happen.

My trainer, Gerry or Jerry or however he spells his name, was a very soft spoken man. I can hardly hear what he was trying to tell me, punch, jab, upper. Well, one thing I learned apart from having a weak punch,  I have a very poor eye and body coordination. I cannot for the life of me shuffle my feet while trying to hit the hook and jab pads or the speedball. Honestly I spent more time trying to steady the speedball and the floor to ceiling ball rather than truly hitting them.

I will though persevere. Despite the heavy presence of testosterone and my own inept boxing skills I will keep at it until I can skip rope like a pro. Then I’d train on my own 🙂

Why because I have a lot of aggression in me against someone and I’d rather channel it through boxing rather than lose my job and lose weight in the process. To quote from an article by Hannah Wahlig “Boxing is a high-intensity workout, and incorporating adequate resting periods is essential for preventing injury and allowing your muscles time to recuperate. If you are a beginner, incorporate one cardio boxing class into your routine per week to start, and increase to two or three weekly classes after you’ve increased your stamina and strength. For weight loss, three aerobic boxing classes per week, with rest days in between each, allows your body adequate recovery time without sacrificing results. Boxing is particularly well suited for individuals with decreased lower body mobility as a majority of the movements can be performed using only the upper body. Boxing may also be a source of stress relief for people who are looking for an outlet for anxiety or aggression.


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