Finding My Way Back Up

Posted: December 14, 2015 in My World in 4D

Dear Lord,

I will be forever grateful for the work that I have. But I kind of need Your guidance. Lately I have not been myself. I do not know why I cannot find a way up from the bottom. It is not even a bottomless pit to begin with but for some reason I am stuck there.

Each day I feel that I am  disinterested, detached, demotivated. I just want to crawl back to bed or remain a couch potato. My brain is no longer buzzing with any ideas. I have nothing but tired energy.  Even when I tell myself during my rest day to think of means to help my team out of the rut, I end up mindlessly flipping from one channel to the next. Nothing seems to function.

I am lost Lord. Please help me find my way up. I do not like this person that I am turning into. A mindless drone who just automatically function just because that is what is expected. One that does not think. One that has just given up. One who is tired and swamped yet does not get anywhere.

I seek solace in you Lord. Help me find myself. Help me get the life back in my limbs, fuel juice in my brain, fill my heart with inspiration…please Lord. I know I am better than this. I cannot let them win and make me this empty.

Please Lord, help me know which way to go, help me find the direction and guide me how I can use the skills and smarts You gave me to deliver what needs to be done and more.

I beseech you Lord.




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