Island Photo Glorietta

Posted: December 15, 2015 in Services Review
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Today December 15, around 1030AM, I went to Island Photo at the ground floor level of Glorietta because I needed to have a jpeg file printed. The store was being manned  solely by this guy who after having serviced his first customer just went directly to a computer where he began editing a baby picture. There were two people ahead of me, both with numbers on their hands waiting for this guy to pay attention to them.

After patiently waiting, the male customer asked him if the guy was alone. Without even turning, he said yes. So the male customer left because it seemed he wont get the service he needed. The female customer after him looked at me with a puzzled look, so I took that to mean to ask this Island Photo guy if we’d ever get his attention.

I asked “kuya matagal ka pa ba dyan?” Again without stopping whatever he was doing with the baby pic, he said “oo e madami pa to.” So, I confirmed, you can’t attend to us? He said no.

Amazing. He cannot attend to us because he is all alone?  Then why open shop in the first place? Imagine ignoring customers just so they’d go away. What lousy service. I saw how only one crew manned a Goldilocks shop yet even if he was the only one there to wrap, pack, sell, write dedication on the cake, etc he attended to everyone, even simple questions get answered. This I witnessed first hand in two branches at that,  San Juan and Greenfields branch. But here in Island Photo, there was zero customer care. He cannot even face us to tell us he is currently swamped and cannot any more accept any printing requests.

It is not as if he has a lot of foot traffic to begin with at 30 minutes into the store being open. Oh well, I just went to Megamall after my salon appointment to get my printing work done. It is quite a distance from Glorietta but at least I got a far better reception at Fujifilm.


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