Posted: December 21, 2015 in My World in 4D
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Merriam Webster defines emasculate as to make (a man) feel less masculine : to deprive (a man) of his male strength, role, etc. To do this though it could mean I can actually threaten a man’s ego.

This came about when I was talking to one of my male  subordinates and another male subordinate happened to be nearby. For some reason he felt the need to bring up that I was emasculating his fellow team member by raising my voice. Thing was there was no such thing, my voice was tempered but edgy. I was making sure we had that understanding.

Apparently the other guy we shall name Spike felt that I am intimidating with my words. I know he is interested with my mind but to try and downplay my intelligence just to soothe his ego would be something else. If he is not confident in his own machismo then that is his issue to fix. I cannot run my team without the same steam if I would just buckle simply because someone’s male ego gets bruised. I will do everything in my power to drive my team to perform and if through chastisement and an iron hand are what it takes then so be it.

No I am not sorry that I am coming on too strong. I cannot change for one and baby that person. This is not a courting game, this is a business and we need to be all mature and professional about it. Sissies are not allowed, male egos should be put in check when females are calling the shots. I already had that before and I even had a relationship with that man but this one I do not owe any explanations. Either you accept that I am a female and I am your boss or you get out of my kitchen ergo team and find some sap who’d want to stroke your ego.


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