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Inside the White Walls

Posted: January 23, 2016 in My World in 4D

One thing wrong about watching too much of House is that you get paranoid about being in a hospital. The disinfectant in the air, the white walls, the hustle and bustle inside the ER carry with it a certain eeriness that I cannot fathom.

So despite the profuse bleeding that occurred just a little after lunch yesterday, I was adamant going to the ER and get myself checked. I was not concerned about how much the blood loss was, I was too pre-occupied watching the water turn bright red as it swirled near the drain. I willed whatever was causing it to stop. It did tho so I still managed to go to work and only afterwards did I go to the ER of St. Luke’s Global mainly due to the prodding of my banker.

So the moment I stepped inside the emergency room, I was already psyched that I was right not to be too concerned and that I would be in and out after two hours.

Oh well, here I am now with normal everything admitted and waiting for Monday to get a procedure done. Nurses are all friendly and lovely. Doctors too, all young and pretty. But despite the warmth and comfy accommodation I do not think I should be here. I feel that everything was taken out of proportion. I know I bled too much but apart from that I feel normal. No pain, no fever, no sensitivity, no high blood.

Anyway, am here. Nothing much can be done but go thru the rigors of being on a soft diet then liquid diet in preparation for the procedure on Monday. Fingers crossed that I get a clean bill of health and that the wait was the worst part of all these. I cannot wait to get home.20160123_203109[1].jpg



Who would have thought that it can be possible? Well we know it can happen what with the number of BPOs across the country. So far since it got installed today, we are enjoying such a fast speed of the net.

Globe boasts that this platinum lifestyle is where you can unravel a richer online experience as it has a perfect pairing of accelerated speeds and unparalleled customer service. Here it goes on we can take delight in a truly unlimited data usage. What’s more there is an effortless uploading and downloading of large files. But what is nice is that we can luxuriate in seamless online entertainment. Basically it meant we can enjoy in luxurious ways via Globe.

Sounds too good to be true? No complaints yet so far.The speed aint too shabby. And I do not find myself drumming my fingers while a page load up.

Hopefully we wont be needing any customer service’s assistance, unparalleled it may be to their usual so-so customer service, just because we got a complaint about the not so much accelerated speed. We all just want to luxuriate like always. 🙂

Heat It Up!

Posted: January 13, 2016 in Services Review

There is nothing like having a good shower after a long day at work. So when my baby bro thought of asking a contractor to install a shower heater, it proved to be too costly. We had to park that idea. What we didn’t know was  DMCI has people on the ready to install it for us, we only need to buy the water heater and voila, instant install with no added cost. This is timely to boot, with the weather getting a bit chilly, taking a shower much more a bath can be trifling challenging. The cold blast of water hitting you can be quite a shock. But not anymore, we no longer fear the icy water. The three of us can now enjoy a luxurious warm bath when we want to. 🙂


The Good Dinosaur

Posted: January 12, 2016 in Movie review
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I heard this movie was a major flop in the US. It did not rake in as much as they expected it to. I do not know why it should not. It is a good feel good movie because the story of the good dinosaur is more than just about family and friendships. It is about learning how to overcome your fear and use your strengths in making things happen.

good dinosaur

Arlo, an Apatosaurus, was the last one to hatch among his siblings Buck and Libby. He was also the smallest and thus easily gets spooked. He was given the most menial of tasks like feeding the chicken but even that he could not do well because the chickens would often ran amuck and chase him.

The family of Apatosaurus plants and harvests corns in preparation for the winter. Ida, the mother Apatosaurus created a silo to store the corns in while Henry, the father, was the one who fills it up with corn. Both parents pressed their foot on the mud and stamped their mark on the rock. Henry told his children they too can put their own mark once they earned it by doing something big, something bigger than themselves.

Buck and Libby made their mark soon enough by clearing trees and plowing the field. Arlo wanted to earn his mark too but this was spoiled by Buck’s prank when Arlo tried to feed the chickens without getting chased. Buck pretended to have been attacked by the chickens and was left for dead. Arlo, gullible as he was, fell for it and failed to finish his chore.

Henry took pity on his youngest so late at night, he woke up Arlo and brought him to the middle of the field. A bug settled itself on Arlo’s snout scaring him but Henry approached him and softly blew revealing a firefly. “Sometimes, you gotta get through your fear to see the beauty on the other side.”

The next day, Henry asked Arlo to guard the silo as there’s something that kept stealing the corns stored in it. He also taught Arlo how to make a trap and if anything gets caught in it to pounce on it using a club. Once Arlo accomplishes this, he can make his mark.

Not to ruin the story or anything for those who have yet to watch this rather laid back film, I would like to say that the animation drove home a point without sounding preachy or forced. The storyline weaved through Arlo’s travails, experiences and interactions as naturally as if you are there. Of course the ending is expected, Arlo making his mark is expected but the journey on how he got over his fear, how he made his mark was something truly inspiring to watch.

This movie can be enjoyed by both adults and kids alike. However they’d both come out of the cinemas with varying insights. Kids on how to enjoy growing up and adults on how to make smart choices and how to find themselves still at the end of the journey.