Inside the White Walls

Posted: January 23, 2016 in My World in 4D

One thing wrong about watching too much of House is that you get paranoid about being in a hospital. The disinfectant in the air, the white walls, the hustle and bustle inside the ER carry with it a certain eeriness that I cannot fathom.

So despite the profuse bleeding that occurred just a little after lunch yesterday, I was adamant going to the ER and get myself checked. I was not concerned about how much the blood loss was, I was too pre-occupied watching the water turn bright red as it swirled near the drain. I willed whatever was causing it to stop. It did tho so I still managed to go to work and only afterwards did I go to the ER of St. Luke’s Global mainly due to the prodding of my banker.

So the moment I stepped inside the emergency room, I was already psyched that I was right not to be too concerned and that I would be in and out after two hours.

Oh well, here I am now with normal everything admitted and waiting for Monday to get a procedure done. Nurses are all friendly and lovely. Doctors too, all young and pretty. But despite the warmth and comfy accommodation I do not think I should be here. I feel that everything was taken out of proportion. I know I bled too much but apart from that I feel normal. No pain, no fever, no sensitivity, no high blood.

Anyway, am here. Nothing much can be done but go thru the rigors of being on a soft diet then liquid diet in preparation for the procedure on Monday. Fingers crossed that I get a clean bill of health and that the wait was the worst part of all these. I cannot wait to get home.20160123_203109[1].jpg


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