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We Find Ways

Posted: February 9, 2016 in Services Review
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Today while inside the BDO branch in SM Light, I found out BDO closed my account which just a week ago I used to pay for my bills. Funny thing was while I gave P13K cash for deposit to the last teller on the right, she did not readily gave the cash back. She took hold of it, stared at her screen and told me matter-of-factly that I cant deposit. She ignored my questions why my account was closed. I kept saying Miss, naririnig mo ba ako? (Can you hear me) even if we were face to face.

After my nth question why the account was closed, she mumbled zero balance. I know it was a zero balance but it was a payroll account and I can deplete its contents without worrying that it will get closed. I then asked her when the account was converted from payroll to personal savings, she again totally ignored me. Miss, kakausapin mo ba ako o ano? Asan manager mo? (Are you going to talk to me or what? Where is your manager?)

The girl again ignored me. Until that time she did not return my money even if she knew the account was closed, she kept looking at her screen then counting the bills I gave her. She smiled too. I then asked her what is so damn funny? Why are you not giving me back my money when the account is closed? It took a lifetime for her to give me back my money and get the manager. When she came back, the teller’s excuse was that she likes to smile. Thing was she only smiled after she said I cannot reactivate the account, how annoying was that? No empathy, no apologies, just that your account was closed since it was zero balance then that smug smile.

I talked to the manager there, her name was Grace and told her I understand why my account was closed but I do not get why the teller could not even answer me anything and instead ignored me while I stand there infuriated. I was going to deposit so I can pay my bills, now without any notice at all BDO felt it necessary to close my account and this teller while smiling like a Cheshire’s cat did not feel like returning my money. So is that really how BDO finds ways to annoy their customers better? Grace apologized and told me I can always open an account again since the teller was just one, that I ought not allow one bad service to affect how I feel about BDO. Well I am not a happy camper. I use my BDO account to pay for my bills because I have gone thru the paperless route. And that teller had the audacity to smile and not give me my money back?! How incredulous that was indeed, to be treated so shabbily.

I did not make a scene. It was useless. I just have to find a way to pay for my bills without further hurting Mother Earth.

BDO, indeed like your mantra, you find ways to create such a bad image.


Friends with Benefits

Posted: February 7, 2016 in Movie review

I chanced upon this one lazy Sunday afternoon. I watched this already before and the title actually gives you a gist of what the entire movie is all about. Let us call a spade a spade, a FUBU what else but a FUBU.

Still even if I know where this movie is leading, I did appreciate the route the movie took to get to the finale. Two gorgeous people with emotional baggage hooking up, a fine formula for another run of the mill, romcom flick. Still the sap that I am, watched how these two unmask the love they have for each other.

Mila Kunis is the New York head hunter Jaime while Justin Timberlake is an LA based art director of an online blog. Their paths met when Jaime got Dylan hired as GQ’s art director. Their professional relationship blossomed to friendship as they began hanging out. While watching a sappy girl flick, Dylan suggested they play “tennis” and soon enough the two were in bed doing the deed.

Of course, sex was supposedly just sex but eventually expectations happen as emotional investments become part of their romp in the sack. This led to complications, obviously and soon the two had a falling out because the sex became a sort of relationship they both agreed was not what they wanted. Go figure right?

Anyhow, movie has to be happy, boy and girl made up via a flash mob dance at the Grand Central train station. How else can you end a movie but through some corny lines and a song and dance?

It isn’t a favorite but it is an okay movie with some good lines. Woody Harrelson may be gay in this film but he gets it and he delivers some of good quotes for a take away:

Tommy: You know what I discovered? It’s not who you want to spend Friday night with, it’s who you want to spend all day Saturday with. Feel me, Felix?

Dylan: Yeah, but then it’s every Saturday for the rest of your life…

Tommy: It’s OK, you don’t get it. It’s no big deal. But you will. One day you’ll meet someone and it’ll literally take your breath away. Like you can’t breathe. Like no oxygen to the lungs. Like a fish…

Dylan: Yeah, I… I get it, Tommy.

Tommy: Yeah, you don’t.”


Dylan: I’m supposed to meet up with Jamie.

Tommy: Who’s that? That headhunter?

Dylan: Uh-huh.

Tommy: What, you guys going out now?

Dylan: No, no, no, we’re just friends. We’re… messing around a little bit.

Tommy: What do you mean?

Dylan: Sleeping together. But it’s just sex.

Tommy: That never works, bro. She’s a girl. Sex always means more to them even if they don’t admit it.

Dylan: Jamie’s different.

Tommy: Does she have a penis where girls have a vagina

Tommy: Then she’s no different.”

(Credits to imdb for the lifted quotes)


friends with benefits


Downtime on a lazy Sunday

Posted: February 7, 2016 in My World in 4D

There is something rather calming about just waking up late in the day, sipping a hot cup of coffee and lounging lazily on my day bed. The little things can truly be quite remarkable if you allow it.

The tediousness of life comes to a complete halt in my little space. I can just be in my shorts and nighties, hair unruly from a just woke up fashion and have a grand ball just chilling. Now how can this day not be great?

Work is at the far recesses of my mind. I have watched two movies, Guardians of the Galaxy and Friends with Benefits, and now have a must write-it-down pull thus this blog. I am grateful for this leave. A chance to just re-energize my already depleted and rather battered emotional-psychological-mental battery.

On February 17 I will be back in training. This rather low blow insult had me raging for days. So this off from work allows me this time to be at peace with the idiotic move. I have to be better than just remain snippy and dejected. Apart from that, I need to stop being angry at those who connived against me. There is a comeuppance to every dastardly deed so I need to allow fate to do its job.

For now I take in the bad and blow it out of my system. I look out of my room window, observe the daily grind, hear the cacophony of sounds below and breathe. Just breathe. Life is good. Life will always be this chill.

Thank goodness for the downtime and the java jolt 🙂