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I am so upset right now I cannot even think of any apt title for this. Noon time on a Saturday, I had to take an Uber because there was no UV Express in Park Square going to Mc Kinley. Uber had one of those surge charge 1.5X the base fare. I agreed to it even if it was too much to pay on a normally light flowing traffic.

I sent a text to the driver whose name is Nestor my exact location as there are two towers. He was according to Google 3 minutes away. When I went down he was not around so I sent my second text message where I was and to follow up on where he was. No reply. I sent another text, by that time it was already 1230, I had been waiting for a good 10 minutes for a supposed 3 minute wait time. I called him only to find out he went up the flyover and was now on his way towards Quiapo. Now from San Miguel Avenue where he was originally going to where I was, he can just cross the street to get to me but he did not. He made a stupid turn which got him further away. Mind you if I did not get a reply from him, I had to call him to find out why he was still not around.

So I of course cancelled, he was of no good that far and I cannot wait for him because I’d be running late. I hailed a cab and got to work later than usual. I paid in cash.

Lo and behold when I came home I read a text message from my credit card company that I was charged. I looked at my Gmail and there it was a charge of P319 for a trip I did not take. The route was San Juan to Cubao.

I was livid. How the hell can Uber charge me with a car trip I did not even get to take. I had cancelled because he stuck in traffic too far from me. I sent Uber a rather harsh email for robbing me blind. I also sent several text messages to the Uber driver of a Hyundai with plate number MP7784 that he should be ashamed of himself. He replied that he is sorry and that he does not know how to cancel the trip. Does he really think I am a fool? He can start a trip without a passenger and end it an hour later yet say he does not know how to operate a smart phone. As far as I know Uber has training for this. Nestor the driver insisted on his innocence that he did not mean me any harm, to wit “talagang talaga mam hindi ako manloloko alam ng Panginoong Dios mam sabi ko sa inyo maski tamaan ako ng mam patawarin nyo ako.”

Every weekend I only have one route home to work. My boyfriend picks me up from work to home. I am a creature of habit so the route this Uber driver took for an hour then charge me for  is an act that is incomprehensible and deplorable. So Uber riders beware of this modus. If you think you are safe and better off with a credit card for the fare, think again. Uber support as of this time has remained mum.

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