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Salope va mourir

Posted: October 28, 2017 in My World in 4D
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Pardon my googled French translation. I am not sure it is even grammatically correct but I do want to say die bitch !@#$% to her face but I wont. You see if this man that I love and adore currently sleeping half naked on my bed is lying to me and still has that relationship with her, I would just opt to stay quiet and leave. Of course it would hurt a damn lot but better than being in a relationship that perhaps was not meant to be.

Still I trust him. I trust in his love for me. We do not have a perfect relationship. We do not even sometimes communicate all that well with each other. We have such a big difference in our perspective in life. I may not even be the one he needs in his life but I will stand firm by his side because I do love him. We have different goals and different opinion on how to go about our respective lives. But when I vested in this relationship, I am full on vested in it. No woman, especially her who will remain faceless and nameless, will change my mind. If it comes from him that he no longer wants to be in this relationship and choose her then he is free to do so. But he cannot come back to me because I will not allow myself to be torn apart and be put together by a band aid.

So this is my only warning to you slut,  stop using your child as tool to make him notice you. He is mine and mine alone. We have gone through so much in our young relationship and I would chase you off the face of the earth if I must so stop provoking me. I choose to remain quiet because I made that promise to him. But do not mistake that for cowardice. I am not scared of you nor in any means threatened. You are an annoyance and you trying to get my attention or rather wrath makes you all the more negligible. Even if you come back here and slink your way in his life does not by any means do anything to me but I do feel disdain for your sluttiness, like a bile that leaves an ugly taste in my mouth. You are a shame to women and mothers everywhere. You have no dignity, no morals and no common decency. So leave him the hell alone…capiche?!