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Last Two Days of 2017

Posted: December 30, 2017 in My World in 4D

Today was spent sneezing away the dust that danced and tickled my nostrils as all four of us scrubbed, wiped, arranged, threw, stored away and decluttered the unit from days of yore. Indeed it was such a great sight to behold that everyone, yes even our furball pitched in to just clean up the mess.

We capped the day by eating out in a Korean restaurant somewhere in the heart of Jupiter Street. Good thing too that we arrived two hours earlier otherwise we wont get to eat such a sumptuous dinner. It was truly a great recommendation.

But I am not limiting it to these two last days. Overall the last leg of the year has been phenomenal. Not in the numbers department, haha, since my survey returns suck big time but how truly spectacular people have been. I am in awe at how things have played out. I will eternally be grateful to the faith of my boss in my capabilities as each day he’d give me boost after boost. I had gifts from people I never expect anything from like a beautiful bag from my boyfriend; chicharon from Lee: scarf from JM; keychain from Gaffud; a pair of socks and nude lipstick from Sherlly; the promotion of Hamimi; being a benchmark in our LOB…wow right? These along with the tremendous support and gratitude of my Familia Bitchera even when some have left the LOB or the team, they remain one with those still with us — heart is full.

2014 til 2016 were years of pain, disappointments, doubts and hopelessness. 2017 started to slowly peak and allowed itself to bloom, slowly but steadily. The cluster that was supposed to dissolve conquered other sites and began to grow. The team that had a bad rep due to its sup made a major turn around and became a dark horse in a race where none saw coming. The uncoachable, tainted and IR-studded sup finally proved herself albeit painfully slow that all lies were merely weaved by misunderstandings and incorrect assumptions…so yey to 2017 and looking forward to what’s in store for 2018.

Again big THANK YOU to you who made me stronger, better and hopeful. Thank you for all the trust, support, love, respect, life lessons, failures, success, trials and objectivity that were given to me.