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I have not always been svelte. I have never been flawless. I have not been keen on what I look like. But I know I have been thin, I have been obese and back again. I had done the Slimmer’s World, Fitness First, local gym membership route. I did the P90X at home. I tried boxing and even got me my own boxing paraphernalia. I also got me some work out gloves, dumbbells, jump rope and stretch bands. Still flabby, still without the abs I long for, still have wobbly arms, still…still…still.

Last August 21, 2017 I decided to try out keto. It seems easy enough. I just stopped having carbs. I added more fats like butter, bacon, chicharon and eggs to my meal. I began drinking more water. All in all I have lost between 24 to 25 lbs in the last 6 months. There was a stall for like two weeks, like in my 3rd month so I tried intermittent fasting. But since January I have cheated. I would IF from time to time but I cheated each week.

The woe here is an actual woe. As in whoa is my intake, why am I being drawn to carbs again? I need to lose more weight, like 15 more before I get to 120lbs which is a relatively safe weight to be on. I do look better, my clothes are loose now, I lost my boobs and butt in the process of my keto woe but the tummy continues to be flabby, the muffin top remains stubbornly prominent. Ugh. Now I am craving for sweets and rice when I should not, the worse part is I am not stopping myself when I gorge on the very reason why I am the way I am.

So this entry is my way of saying pause, wait up, rethink…go back to keto woe and this time do things right. Whether it is lazy or strict keto, do it right. Stay away from keto bombs, add more water and greens, do more IFs and get sane. I should not find any reason why I should continue with the cheats. I should put those aside and truly appreciate how far I have come, how I look now, how I feel now to just cast away the keto woe just like that.

End of April, I should be better prepared of the food I need to avoid and focus on the prize at the end. Good health, better physique and a baby in my womb are way better than any instant gratification sugar and carbs can bring. #kcko