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My brother lent me a book during the Holy Week because he could not finish the book. He told me it did not allow him to visualize anything and there were times he did not understand what the fuss is all about. He lost interest in the book because of it.

I have to admit my curiosity got the better of me so I finished the entire series to know what the heck Flammel’s secrets are. Sadly the series was not really a page turner. Pardon to those who loved the book but I share my brother’s confusion. I like being transported to different places whenever I read a book. I see what the characters see, feel what they feel. For some reason this did not happen to me with this book.

Michael Scott described the Elders, Second Generation, Immortals, Archons and beasts but it fell short for some reason. I do not see the supposedly beautiful creatures like Virginia Dare, Hel, She Who Watches even Scat in my mind. I am not scared of Bastet,  Xolotl, Areop-Enap, Dee, Nereus, Nereids and other creatures who supposedly resembled humans but really are not because I cannot imagine them in my head. I was not in Paris nor in London. I was not lost in Shadowrealm and experience how alive Yggdrasill can be. I did not get seasick passing through any leygates nor did I feel fascinated with the play of auras. I did not cringe whenever Niten, Palamedes, Mars, Josh, Sophie, Nicholas, Scat or those fighting for the humani get stabbed or hit. I do not rise up from my chair to knock some sense into Josh head nor do I feel helpless when Sophie loses her “twin”.

I find that this could have been condensed to three. If the author wished for it to be 6 then he could have used his words to make his reader, okay fine this reader see what he sees while writing. Instead he made the characters go on and on about their history. There was a recap of being the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter, of the days gone by, of what happened just a mere five pages before. The characters are too talkative, perhaps it may be the result of being alive for ten thousand years that they have to be too historical. I was always having this bubble thought of “yeah yeah, you just said that” each time. Just think of say all the twenty characters reminiscing each freaking time. I can go through two pages of these internal monologues and still get the gist of the story. The pages allotted for these flashbacks could have been better off if used to allow the readers, okay me and my brother, a peek of this enchanting world the Flammels walk on.

Also the redundancy of lines. Like say “And you don’t have to look quite so happy about it!” was mentioned by Perenelle to Niten, Joan to Scathach. These lines “It has been an honor to know you,” Prometheus said, sword blazing red in a semicircle about him, sparks screaming and exploding off shields and swords. “And it is an honor to die with you,” Niten answered. Then this Odin, who had been as tall and as broad as Mars, was now half his size. “It has been an honor to fight alongside you today,” he said. “It is an honor to die in your company,” Odin said, and breathed his last. You get that deja vu feeling not because you think you’ve read it somewhere else before but because you just read it a page or two ago.

Scott was able however to make the bromance between Palamedes and Will, Mars and Odin, and Billy the Kid and Black Hawk rather prominent. Their exchanges make it known that they  would do everything even die if need be for one another.  I also appreciate the twist in the end. All in all, it was not a badly written series like Twilight but it definitely isn’t a magical experience like Harry Potter was.



I love to read but I am more drawn towards mystery novels than anything else. While perusing through old paperbacks in Trinoma, I chanced upon these novels by Anne Perry. I bought two books, The Twisted Root and Funeral in Blue. The main protagonist was this supposedly brilliant private investigator named William Monk. He lived in London during the Victorian era and has a wife named Hester. If the long and winding history of his life would be believed, Monk was a strict police investigator feared by junior policemen. He had no patience for idiocy, emotions and incompetence. That bit intrigued me.

anne perry


Unfortunately, Anne Perry’s writing was not a page turner and William Monk’s supposed brilliance may just be his own imagination. In these books I bought there was no instance wherein he solved a mystery. The murders solved by themselves, rather they unraveled at the end of the novels that I felt Anne was compelled to just end the stories.

In The Twisted Root, it was Oliver Rathbone and his wife Hester who got through the bottom of why the widow Mrs. Gardiner preferred to hang than talk. In Funeral in Blue, it was Hester again who asked around where her sister-in-law was. Truth be told, Monk should have been the nurse and Hester the investigator. Monk did little deducing and investigating. He was not brilliant at all. In fact he was far from being intelligent, he does show however a short fuse and love for fashion. Those came across in both books very clearly.

Anne had a tendency of going over and over the history of her protagonists. Hester of her Crimea experience and Monk of his past experiences as an ill-mannered officer of the law. The author also  failed to make her protagonists engaging even when the Monks talk about their feelings for each other. There was some kind of in your face “we are in love and cannot live without each other” thing going but I do not see why these two are madly in love with each other. The same goes for Callandra and Dr. Beck. There seems to be a private joke between the writer and her characters that leave the reader, or maybe just me, out of the loop.

As a reader I wished I can empathize with the characters. I want to be angry, be confused, frustrated, be loved and scorned with them but I wasn’t. I flipped the pages as the characters begin their labyrinthine, tiresome recount of their past lives because it was too repetitive. It makes you say “Okay I get it, she was in the Crimea. He was that good way back when. Geez enough already!” complete with the rolling of the eyes and arms up in surrender.

Well it was not as painful to read as Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight (I did not even finish that book), but I wont buy another Anne Perry William Monk anymore.


This came from my Friendster blog since I heard Friendster will delete all shreds of my account’s memory

My former editor, Mam Jay sent me a link to her site. She was selling books. I tried to bid for the Edge of Reason but well, another girl managed to outbid me. When I tried to bid 175, my ceiling price, she still managed to get one over me. The only good thing is that she didn’t get the book too. Someone else outbid her.

Anyway, I bought two mystery books over the weekend. A gift to myself after a grueling documentation week in Iloilo City. The books did not rise to the challenge of whetting my appetite. If only the books that I like didn’t cost so much, now I was left with so-so choices like the ones I bought. So when M’Jay offered to sell me three Grisham books for P300, i said yes I’d buy them before somebody else outbid me again. I still am a sucker for good mystery novels. I have been bitten by that bug since I was in grade school and Joe Hardy was my all time crush. Now I plan to part with my first love by trying to sell my Hardy Boys collection in Someone else might want to fall in love with my rogue of a detective.

But even if I love mystery books, my brother has introduced me to some great works of fiction. One is abbnkkbsnplako. A really funny novel by this guy named Bob Ong who narrated his tales of woe since he started studying. You know what menudo is right? How about afritada? These two viands look the same and their ingredients are the same but they are really different. Bob Ong  narrated how his Practical Arts HS teacher mistook their menudo for afritada. Better just grab yourself a copy so you’d know what I am saying here. Another book or in this case, comic book RA bought is ZsaZsa Zaturnnah. It is a story of a homo named Ada who turns into a really sexy super heroine whenever he swallows a sort of meteorite rock. The laughs will just keep coming with every turn of the page you make. Cheap entertainment it isn’t as the comic book collection cost more than P300.

Oh well. I still want to get my hands on some books, maybe through Ebay I can get the best buys for my collection.