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Adam Nation 10.10.10

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Concert review

We were there at 2PM because though we bought Silver tickets at a whopping P3244, it was free seating and it was first come, first served. At that hour we were already second in line. Soon enough the line grew and the Ultimate Bouncers who were manning the entrance told us there is a separate queue for male and female. My brother was already lined up so he was first. We did not think of bringing our digicam because we did not want to bother having to deposit it and such. There were after all two cell phones that we can use for the event. Well I thought wrong. We caught more orbs than Adam on stage. But I am getting ahead of myself here.

We were allowed inside at a little past 530PM, and mom rushed all the way to the second row in the middle aisle just behind where the audio equipment were. We were right smack in the middle but still far from the stage. Bro bought himself a paper binoculars since he can’t see too far at the back. There was  an annoying chinky-eyed couple who kept on blocking the middle because they arrived too late and there were only seats near the corner that they can occupy. The guy was more antsy and he kept going to the front, blocking everyone. But it was at 8PM when the unknown local band performed that things got a bit violent which means my brother was ready to pounce, maim and kill. Most of those who arrived late came rushing forward and stood in front blocking the ones seated in the first three rows. Being in the second row, we were of course livid. We paid the same amount and we were there first so why should we not enjoy the concert as much as they would? We booed and shouted at them to sit down, to go back and let us see the stage. Good thing the Ultimate Bouncers were on hand and managed the crowd. Save for two girls who for a good 20 minutes argued where they will go to watch? My brother’s vein was pulsating like crazy, he kept shouting First Come First Serve, what don’t you understand? My mom joined in along with the other mom who kept asking what’s the hold up here? Why are you still talking?. Well, Paraluman was not much of a show but the commotion of the two girls were. I mean the lead singer was really great but she can’t rivet our attention much as she tried to.  She was one damn funny girl tho, but she was not the reason why we came all the way to MOA and almost had it out with the latecomers. It was Adam.

So after doing 5 songs, Paraluman finally ended and we were “regaled” with song after song of Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas and the like for an hour. Those were agonizing because we thought Adam will live up to his concert’s 10.10.10 and really start at 10, or worse 10:10. But quarter to 10PM, Adam came on stage wearing a violet frou frou that made him look like a peacock. His strong voice resonated every where and the crowd lapped it all up. They sang with him and tho there were a lot of vacant seats, the crowd closed in and no gaps were visible in a sea of flashing lights, smoke and faces. All stood up screaming or singing along, some gyrated along with Adam.

It was a humid night so when Adam finally spoke, he said it is so wet here how do you do this? He was sweating hard and drinking water a lot but the guy braved the heat. He seemed awfully nice as he observed some who came in dressed to the nines. Adam was very appreciative. He then proceeded to tell us that his concert was about Love, the dark and light side of love. That one of the important thing before you go love someone else is to love yourself. He sang several more songs but maybe it was because his voice was becoming hoarse, that the encore song was just Mad World and Adam was out. It was a short concert, it lacked something there, maybe more people contact and more surprises. He was more mesmerizing during his American Idol stint and that is saying a lot, more flair when he walked down the stairs as he sang Mad World; more emotion evoking songs were done…but in his 10.10.10 Adam Nation, it felt too short and too blah. I like the guy and I appreciate him coming over, but there were no goosebumps on my flesh. Maybe next time he comes over, he can wear something more comfortable and he would sing songs that would challenge his range and give me my goosebumps again.