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A Matter of Size

Posted: March 16, 2017 in Food review
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I love Jollibee that is why I was surprised how really small the burgers have been lately. Proof is my small closed fist is slightly bigger than my Jollibee yumburger with cheese. It still tasted great but the food items all seemed to have shrunk. Yes, even good ‘ol chickenjoy has gone down four sizes (enviable as the gone down four sizes as it may be, size still matters for a middle income lass like me). Other fastfood joints too have gone size crazy. So do not get me started on how small portion sizes are now of Wendy’s pricey burgers. The size and the taste of the burgers (yup, even the spicy chicken fillet) have definitely suffered the past few years…the buns dry, the lettuce sad, the meat sadder and the serving portion so small for a whooping P246.  Thus, I just buy from them iced tea. At least nothing about it is sad or small. :/



I would try anything new, might look weird and taste bland but if they say it is healthier then sign me up. I didn’t mind it so much and maybe soon my palate would adjust accordingly for me to get used to this. To be honest, it really is not that bad and kind of filling too. As they say, ang dami kong busog. Kudos to our dearest chef du jour Lloyd who often makes our tummies happy and satiated.

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In the belly bottom of Trinoma, there once was a dainty pastry shop we discovered by chance. Although we were kind of hesitant to eat there because there were more tables and chairs than people, we shrugged off the doubt and went on to order. It turned out that this rather unassuming pastry shop called Parvati would have the best array of cheesecakes and cookies ever baked. My favorite was the Salted Caramel because it was not too sweet and the cream cheese melted in the mouth, it was just silky and smooth.

I brought so many of my friends there because the ambiance was great and the food always fabulous. I also bought my fiends cookies and tiny cakes so they can sample the succulent finds I often talk about when desserts get mentioned. I feel sad that it had to close. My last visit there, only a handful of baked goodies were to be had. Gone were my usual oatmeal cookies treat, pastas and sandwiches. Coffee was no longer served. You just get it yourself near a table with a coffee brewer, sugar and styro cups were displayed. It was at that time I know Parvati can’t go any further and when I changed zip code, I guessed it also made its last hurrah.

Pho Hoa: Never Again

Posted: December 26, 2013 in Food review
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This is my original piece. Any form of copying or plagiarizing is frowned upon. I have receipts to prove this claim, do you?

We had the unfortunate luck of eating in a supposed Vietnamese inspired restaurant after watching Kimmy Dora in Shangri-La. We were hoping for a very sumptuous meal due to the exorbitant price. But what we had was blah. My fried rice was below average, the meat that came with was bland and the shrunken “spring rolls” were too oily. My mom’s soup was dry like the desert. My brother was too hungry to complain. Overall, if ever you think Pho Hoa has a good menu, DON’T! Honestly, it should be phooey.

It is a highly priced badly cooked meals. I felt too sorry for myself that we had to find some way to wash away the awful meal we just had. I really think they ought to rethink how they prepare the food. I have been to Vietnam and I love the food we ordered there, even those just around the corner had delicious meals.

In their website they claim “We hold our standards high by using top-quality ingredients in our products to ensure quality, consistency and flavors.” Unfortunately, this claim did not translate well when served on a dish.

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(Please be advised that this is an original write up about my experience and I have receipts as proof. Any misrepresentation or claim otherwise is a violation of my intellectual property rights.)

To properly thank the wonderful service of Tender Bob’s in SM The Block, I am writing this piece. My mom enjoyed her oriental chicken salad so much  when we had my brother’s birthday celebration at Tender Bob’s Shang that she thought of going back there. Lucky for us there is one in SM North.  We ordered some of the same, loaded potato skins and oriental chicken salad.

Very delicious, filled with bacon bits and cheesy sauce.

Very delicious, filled with bacon bits and cheesy sauce.


Oriental chicken salad

Vanilla ice cream melted as the pan was perhaps too hot. Still it was a delish dessert.

Vanilla ice cream melted as the pan was perhaps too hot. Still it was a delish dessert.



The rest ordered different dishes. Some were really very well prepared but the rest were bland, tough and under seasoned. But the story of the very attentive staff did not start there. It began when while chewing on my potato skin, I heard a loud crack. I thought I chipped a molar but when I took out the piece I found a very small, crystal like particle. I called our server Mimi and asked to quietly to check on what it was. She got a tissue where the small bit was placed and she immediately went to the kitchen. When Mimi came back, she apologized, asked if I was hurt then collected the potato skin plate and replaced it with a new one.

For some reason, near the end of the meal and halfway through my 3rd refill of the bottomless iced tea, a small insect was floating inside the glass. We all laughed and I did not want to create a fuss since it was me again. I did not want them to think that I was doing it on purpose, sabotage the food served but my aunt requested for a change in my drink.

Thank goodness, the staff there was very gracious. They even gave us a complementary sizzling cinnamon ala mode and a 10% discount. I was both grateful and ashamed. I did not complain those things because it was nothing and we were in a celebratory mode. But the head chef/manager thought it best to thank us for not raising hell. There were not a lot of people there, still the staff remained courteous and very professional. Kudos to their management. They made the experience all the more memorable in a nice, warm feeling inside way. 🙂


Infanta’s suman

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Food review
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Infanta's suman

Nothing like Infanta’s suman. Made from malagkit, this version can be paired with anything and can also stand alone as it is already sweet. It may look small but very filling when eaten. Want to try some?

Sweet, succulent poison

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Food review

Sweet, succulent poison

The word lansones may have been derived from the word “lason” a Filipino word for poison.