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When I learned that Criminal Minds will not come back for another season, I thought it was goodbye to quirky computer wizard Penelope Garcia, to eidetic memory and intellectually gifted Dr. Spencer Reid, to sensual and emotional Derek Morgan,  to pensive Aaron Hotchner and to comebacking pretty JJ Jareau.

What a relief to find out it was not BAU but the spin off, Suspect Behavior, that did not get renewed. I watched it one time and found out to my dismay that this new show was nothing like the original. For one thing Sam Cooper played by Forest Whitaker seemed to know everything, like he is possessed with more than a 6th sense. In one scene, he was asked by a female detective what he sees and he said he puts himself in the suspect’s shoes to know what is going thru his mind and for some reason the case got solved. The rest of his team Beth Griffith (Janeane Garofalo), Mick Rawson (Matt Ryan), Jonathan “Prophet” Simms (Michael Kelly) and Gina La Salle (Beau Garrett) were just bit characters. They all seemed to be playing the same part, the serious type who does not like to humor Penelope.

The lack of character development is a turn off, not to mention that the story seemed to just focus on Cooper, who just seemed bored with it all. The story is blah as well, it failed to engage. But to be fair I tried to watch more episodes but the pool of writers just seem bent on making Cooper the only focal person in the series. Too bad for Janeane since I have always liked her. Such a waste of talent. How hard can following a directive be from a supervisor? That was the only thing they were doing, nothing interesting about a bunch of droids.

The people behind Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior could have learned a lot from the makers of Law and Order because be it the original, Criminal Intent, Special Victim’s Unit and UK, L&O managed to stand out. Although L&O: LA did not do so well, the other spin offs remain strong.